Huang Xiaoding passed this field survival drill smoothly。

All ten members of Qin Hao’s team passed。 “Next is the melee survival drill,This exercise is in the form of a team。” “Next, it’s up to everyone’s performance,”Flying Wolf explained the training content and training rules together。 “Wait,A special helicopter […]


First1016chapter Unmarried

Life sometimes has to be fun。 When Lu Wanting heard Xia Jian say this,,I couldn’t help but squat my mouth:“Bad guy!Just know to bully me”Lu Wanting said,Moved a chair by myself,Sitting directly opposite Xia Jian’s desk。 Xi Zhen took a […]


“People?cousin,Is that Fang Yu here??”

Zhao Ben asked,Eyes full of expectation。 “Just left……You smell so bad!Not as good as,Let’s spray some perfume first!” Zhang Yue holding his nose,Look contemptuous。 “No more……” Zhao Ben clutching his belly,Continue to run towards the bathroom。 Zhang Yue shook his […]


“really,Still going to the night to win??”

Darkness in the heart,Yu Wenzhen personally supervised the war,This battle is only afraid of it.。 NS1216chapter Western wind(3) Fuyang City,Gao Biyi is working hard to handle military and government affairs。Recently,He ordered to set up“Luoyang line”,He personally served as Metro,Overview of […]


“What’s the meaning?

You ask your mother,What kind of good thing she did today?,My father’s,Plus blue crime,You can sit in the fierce.。 My father’s thing,We have found enough evidence,As for the blue blue,You may have forgotten,She has a very great son,You think that […]


And compared to them,Those born after Nirvana,A new generation of geniuses on earth living in a relatively peaceful environment,The potential is slightly inferior。

“Resources can make up,Lineage can make up,Opportunity can be given,Only understanding and xinxing cannot rely on external forces to improve。But as long as the heart is enough,The savvy won’t be bad。Really can’t do,I take【Dreamland】The law of the illusion field penetrates […]


“Hoot”Li Hui Feng gently patted the other party’s back。

No one thought of this step.。 “Scull,Do not cry,Everything will grow slowly,I am actually not blame you.,It’s just a little unacceptable.。” “Um,I know。” Zhao Xiaoli is gently sobbing,A pair of slang kelp hugged Li Hui Feng more tight。 Two people […]


Chen Xiu has been worried about Sun Yang’s revenge for two days,It turned out to be just this level of cultivation,I was scared by the name of the prehistoric continent,I have a plan in my mind,And asked the beggar chief about the entrance of the Flying Eagle Hall,The next piece of gold is gone。

After leaving the alley, Chen Xiu went straight to the restaurant where he ate with the guardian He Tianshu last time.,The one who served was the same hallway last time。 The running hall still remembers the generous Chen Xiu,Arranged for […]