I wish Minglang an awkward smile。

He glanced at Xiaoye Jiao, whose body was barely covered with purple granular scales,A little bit purple,Not a purple dragon? Mr. Koi wagging his tail,Around Zhu Minglang、Xiao Ye Jiao、Little Ying Ling has turned a few times,I don’t know if I’m […]


Half an hour later,Xia Jian just walked out of the bathroom。After he gets dressed,And said to Guo Meili:“I went into the mountain today to take a picture of the natural scenery,Find someone to get me,Edit into short film format“

“what!What are you doing?I don’t quite understand。Our company has talents in this area,Should be done tonight,It’s just that you are playing around,There is no need to bother others to rest“Guo Meili was a little surprised and said。 Xia Jian said […]


When Fang Yu came to Dean Chang’s office。

Found two strangers,Instead of Dr. Cai and his daughter! “Who are they?” Fang Yu takes a look,An age is probably around fifty,Another person,Is about 70 years old。A middle-aged,An old man。 “This is Xi Mo, the vice chairman of Qingxin Ancient […]


“Haha,Of course it’s me,If not me,Who else is that。”

“But now,It’s not important anymore,Because i am the chairman!” slowly,With Ye Xuan’s words finished,For the shock brought before me,Conceivable。 Even here,When the people around look at here,Even more sluggish。 “This,How could it become like this?” When Chu Tianxing saw this,He […]


in addition,For this result,He is not unexpected.。

…… Three points,Moonlight high,Wuyue Shan’s clouds are bleak。 Two people branch,Alien black shop yawning,Think of Liao Wenjie to give a fake medicine,Otherwise, there is no reason for this long time.,Spring 30 mother does not respond。 Bamboo!Bamboo!Bamboo——— at this time,The sound […]


“Hey!sure!Came to us these days to learn something”Xia Jian heard Xiaowei say this,I feel better at once。But I also know,This young man is not completely convinced by him,Now only half convinced。And the other half,Through his continued efforts。

Like this existing ability,There are young people backing,If you don’t have real skills,Just rely on a piece of nonsense,Then your prestige is worthless in his eyesight。 Secretary Lu is the best example right now。No matter how good he is to […]



Chapter One Magnolia Continent Endless ice mixed with ice flying debris,Towering icebergs,Millions of years of wind tempering,Makes the ice structure extremely hard,Comparable to steel,At the same time the surface is extremely smooth,Even some locations are enough to reflect the appearance […]