Turns out this thing is for racing!

understood! I was going to hand it back to Lingju’s formation,Next second,Jingpu immediately took it back: “Just played casually,Now i want to play hard。” (The new week begins,Ask for a recommendation ticket,Request collection~) ———— Chapter Twenty Seven Seniors will joke […]


certainly,It is going to use the sword“persuade”。

Waiting for him,Solitary,Turning through the head to Han Zihu:“All-in-one,You have a horse,Go to Chongbei Zhongcheng。Be sure to protect the granary of North China City,Millions can’t be lost。” “Bamboo,Human duty。” Han Yuhu is also loose,If you can make him not directly […]


“Humph,Can this matter??

Big bird knows,Today, I will take people.。” “He Dafu,I didn’t agree with this matter.,And this home I have two children.,I must have a good money, I will give it to you.,But my child is really reluctant。” Li Hui is, the […]