The Hong Kong SAR Government strongly refutes the report of the US "US Economics and Safety Assessment Committee"

  Xinhua News Agency, November 18th (Reporter Liu Mingyang) issued a so-called annual report on the "US Sonm Economic and Safety Assessment Commission" on the evening of the US Congress, the Hong Kong SAR Government spokesperson expressed strong opposition on the 18th. And strong condemnation, once again urged the US to respect the basic principles of international law and international relations.

The spokesman said that any attempts to use Hong Kong interventions will not succeed, and the Hong Kong SAR will continue to firmly implement the responsibilities of safeguarding national security. The spokesman pointed out that after the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the Hong Kong society was in a chaotic.

Although the US government tries to press the multinational business to operate in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong American Chamber of Commerce said that Hong Kong is a key and energetic contributor in connecting Chinese and foreign trade and financial circulation; Hong Kong Guoan Law does not affect business law; Hong Kong still has The information of high quality infrastructure and free circulation is still an ideal business place for international companies. The spokesperson emphasized that as a separate tariff area, China Hong Kong as a member of the WTO member is not determined by any country.

Hong Kong attaches great importance to the rights and obligations of the WTO. In 2018, the most recent WTO in Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s trade policy review, Hong Kong open and free trade policy, and firm support for rules-based multilateral trade system.

In contrast, the United States is constantly trying to unilateral, irresponsible to destroy the multilateral trade system, which is coming in the world. The spokesperson also refuted the report on the realization of the realization of the Hong Kong election system.

The spokesman pointed out that in order to ensure that the Hong Kong election system is in line with the "one country, two systems" policy and the actual situation of the SAR, fully implement the principle of "patriotic government", safeguard national sovereignty, safety, development interests, maintain Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability, so the Hong Kong election system is Timely and must. The SAR Government is committed to ensuring public elections to be held in principle, disclosure and honest. The spokesperson also refuted the report on the accusation made by Hong Kong in the school to promote national security education. The report is unreasonable to question the prosecution and judicial independence. The spokesperson said that no one must interfere with the independent prosecution decision of the law. The Judge’s constitutional duties is based on the law. There is no other consideration. (Editor: Hao Jiangzhen, Niu Yi) Sharing let more people see.