The leading woman smiled slightly。

“Unexpectedly, people from Xiong’an College have sweet mouths,But we won’t show mercy!”
Just met,The strong smell of gunpowder spreads。
“Draw lots now!”
The display above everyone starts to switch,Finally stayed in the forest area,The people of Yuanhuo Academy have smiles,Although this environment is not as good as a volcano,But it’s enough!
The ground on the soles of everyone’s feet slowly changes,Trees uprooted,Grass grows under my feet,The whole venue looks full of vitality。
“Really peculiar!”
Luo Sheng stepped on the ground,The texture of this grass is really the same!
“Both sides flag generation,The game officially starts in ten seconds!”
The five beauties of Yuanhuo Academy are on the side,Confident!
“Game start!”
A hot flame appeared in Lin Xin’s hand from Yuanhuo Academy。
“Handsome guys,Take this gorgeous flame!”
The flame turned into a pillar of fire and bombarded the trees directly,The fiery flame directly ignited the entire venue,The burning trees emit strong smoke,Very choking nose。
A smile appeared on Luo Sheng’s mouth。
“Just waiting for you!”
Wave of left hand,A water ball appeared in the hands of the man behind。