The lake breeze is coming,Bring a refreshing touch to this hot summer。

Zhu Minglang returned to his own courtyard,I found the big black tooth lying in the small pool,Crush those rockery,A look。
“How you hurt??”Zhu Minglang step forward,A little surprised。
Big Black Fang opened his eyes,Looking at yourself,I touched my chest again with my paw……
Really good!
Even the big gap in the chest,Healed!
Does Heibao still sleep?、Dafa that recovers from the sun!
I never knew??
Zhu Minglang ordered a female disciple,Give Da Hei Fang the medicine every hour,So I didn’t bring it when I went out today。
Under normal circumstances,It takes ten to twenty days for the injury of the big black tooth to heal completely,Especially the big cut on the chest,It is estimated that there will be some dark diseases in the future。
I never thought he had no scars on his body now,Even the big trauma on the chest has completely recovered,There is no trace of injury at all!
This is a bit weird!
Is there any hidden blood in Big Black Fang?。