Yes,Xiao Fan is not an outsider,She is her legal husband,So she just changed her clothes now,Now even she herself seems to be unable to find a suitable reason for Xiao Fan to leave when she wants to change clothes.。

Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yuner’s poor words,It’s also funny in my heart,It seems,His woman is still inferior to him in terms of talking。
Seeing Xiao Fan still sitting on the bed like Dinghai Shenzhen and refusing to leave,Lin Yuner gritted her teeth and asked:“Are you sure you will not leave here?”
“Of course,We are husband and wife,I don’t know if you change your clothes, what can’t I see。”Xiao Fan asked naturally。
This dead Xiao Fan,Before this time,Why didn’t you find it,This guy has such a shameless aspect!
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan’s decision,I can’t help it,So I comforted myself in my heart:“Forget it,Don’t leave,Anyway, they are husband and wife,He hasn’t seen her before,Just watch!”
Thought of here,Lin Yoona suddenly felt relieved。
Just when Lin Yuner finally made up her mind to change clothes in front of Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan stood up without warning。
“Forget it,Stop teasing you,I’m out waiting for you!”
Finished,Xiao Fan just left without looking back。
“Damn Xiao Fan,Since I planned to leave from the beginning,Why do you want to tease me at this time!”
Lin Yoona also reacted at this time,From the beginning, Xiao Fan,I didn’t plan to watch myself changing clothes here,Just now,I guess I came to talk to myself that way on purpose。
Damn guy,While waiting,How to clean him!
After Xiao Fan walked out of the lounge,And closed the lounge door for Lin Yoona very considerately,but,His thoughtful move,Didn’t let Lin Yoona successfully dispel the idea of cleaning him up。
Because Liangzi just now,Already closed,so,Now she is going to use Xiao Fan to give out the bad breath in her heart anyway。
only,Xiao Fan, who had already walked out of the lounge, couldn’t think of what Lin Yoona had just thought.。