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Learn English by “Friends”
During the epidemic, Liu Xudong, the coach of the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team, refused to leave any player behind.Figure / Vision China Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team old team members participate in the young team discussion and learning.According to the original plan, the BAIC men’s volleyball team should have ushered in the debut of the new season Chinese men’s volleyball super league on February 2.Therefore, the whole team will be assembled from the second day of the new year to prepare for the first game of the new season.Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese Volleyball Association announced in early February that all domestic men’s volleyball leagues will be suspended this season.Although the epidemic messed up the plans of the Beijing team, the whole team was still actively preparing for the closed training, preparing for the league that may be restored at any time.This season, the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team, who has been runner-up for four consecutive years, will do its best to rush to the championship.    The long preparation period for training has advantages and disadvantages. From January 26, 2020, the second day of the New Year’s team assembled to the present, the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team has been training in Muxiyuan Sports School for nearly 3 months under the closed situation.  In the past three months, the training of the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team was conducted in stages.When the team first assembled during the Spring Festival, the team prepared for the league at the normal rhythm and practiced it for almost a week. The league announced its suspension; after that, the Beijing men ‘s volleyball team practiced a body-based and technology-assisted (60% of the body, 40% of the technology) practiced one.Monthly; at present, the team is adjusted again, and physical and technical training each account for half.  For the boys in the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team, from the day they became athletes, it has not really happened that they have not played in the past three months like now.  In an interview with Sauna and Yewang, Liu Xudong, the head coach of the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team, admitted that the long-term preparations have advantages and disadvantages for the Beijing team.The extension, the extended preparation period, did give the team more break-in time; shortened, and gave the two players who returned from the national team enough time to recover from the injury.From the team’s cooperation and recovery of injuries, they are all positive.  But at the same time, the drawbacks of too long a preparation period are also integrated.Long-term closure, high-intensity, and boring training will cause players to have both physical and psychological fatigue.In addition, in the past 3 months, there has been no competition, no confrontation with foreign teams, and it is impossible to quickly verify the results after training, both of which are detrimental to the team.  In order to overcome the negative effects of long-term preparations, no competition to play, and lack of timely feedback on training results, the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team has adopted a variety of measures.During each training, the troops will bring video equipment and record every morning’s training and confrontation.In the afternoon of the same day, the team found deficiencies based on the video, and then resolved the next day and practiced again.”Since there is no foreign team to compare with you, then compare yourself and compare with yourself.”Liu Xudong said.  In addition, Liu Xudong also divided the team into teams, led by veteran players with good abilities in every aspect, and each veteran player was responsible for 1 to 2 young players.The team found problems after joint training. After class, they can solve them through additional training, or look back at the video grouping and solve them one by one.At the same time, everyone will watch some contest videos and classic confrontations, and use a higher vision to improve their abilities.  In the last 3 months of closed training, without contact with the society and without seeing family members, the mentality of the team members will inevitably produce fatigue.For the mental health of the team members, BAIC Men’s Volleyball Team also made special arrangements.  Liu Xudong introduced that in addition to training, the team also arranged 2 to 3 English lessons a week, through the American drama “Friends” to learn, by the team’s interpretation; in addition, physical fitness foreign teachers will also teach some additional knowledge, including physicalAnd nutrition classes, interspersed in daily training from time to time.  ”It is very important for the team members to combine work and rest and enrich their lives.Exactly this time, make up classes, very good!”Liu Xudong said.  The recovered hand injury can be used at any time. Although the training is very boring, the mood and energy of the boys in the Beijing men’s volleyball team are still good, including the replacement of the national team.  On the 3rd day after the end of the Olympic qualifiers on January 10 this year, inserting national players Jiang Chuan and Liu Libin returned to the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team.After the high-intensity game of the national team, the body of the carrying national player was very tired and still injured.Jiang Chuan had lost his foot in the Olympic Games and was unable to jump. Liu Libin has been insisting on painkillers in the national team.Before returning to the team, they must have a time to adjust the buffer.  In the team’s usual joint training, the included national players will follow the training together, but the coaching staff will arrange different training content according to their injuries.For example, Jiang Chuan’s feet are not good, so try not to let him take the jump, but the daily pass and defense are usually followed by the players.  The league was suspended and the preparation period was extended, which gave the replacement national players extra time to recover from injury. Coupled with the protection training of the Beijing team, the recovery situation of Jiangchuan and Liu Libin is very optimistic.”If there is a game now, they can play at any time. The injury situation is much better than when they first came back, and the training mood of the two is also good.”Liu Xudong said.  The “tracking” management of 3 foreign aids was corrected by the connection. At present, there are still 3 players missing in the training of the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team. That is the 3 foreign aids of this season-the best setter of the World Men’s Volleyball League, Iranian star Maruf, World Men’s VolleyballThe league’s best offensive offense, French star Leroux, and Cuban star Leonardo who played for the BAIC men’s volleyball team for two consecutive seasons.After the suspension of the league was announced, the foreign aid of all teams including the Beijing team returned to their respective countries.  Nonetheless, all of them made requests long before they left, and they must ensure training after returning home.Although they can’t do ball training in their respective countries, physical training still needs to be maintained, and they are also managed remotely by the team.  The fitness coach will keep in touch with the three foreign aids in real time, and regularly arrange training programs.Foreign aids should make regular feedback on the training content by shooting videos.Although foreign aids can’t practice with their teammates, they are all part of the team.Coach Liu Xudong said that even in the event of an epidemic, no one will be left behind.  With what time will the league resume, will it not resume, after the restoration, the appropriate format will be adopted?All this is unknown.  Next, the Beijing Men ‘s Volleyball Team will continue to maintain its current effective schedule: the body and technology are divided into half; technically co-training to find problems and solving them separately; spending a lot of time in business and cultural learning in life.  In the future, if the time to prepare for battle continues to be extended, the team will merge some fun activities in the school and mobilize the enthusiasm and excitement of the players.For the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team, everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.  Writing / Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu