9 years of forest 30,000 mu! "Stone Pit Tilky Place" afforestation makes the yellow land to "green clothes"

Along the Huang Highway is a road along 12 counties along the Yellow River in Shaanxi, 4 counties, more than 800 kilometers.

"At present, there is a comprehensive greening around the Scenic Spot and the main road to the scenic spot. The tourism environment has been further improved. The ecological environment along the Yellow River has been initially improved. The opening of the Huang Highway has reached more than 220 million, which is also a road to Fu Road, Tour Road, Ecological Landscape Road, Jinchan Canyon and the rural landscape of townships around the Huang Highway is the focus of ecological environment in Yichuan County in recent years. one. It is understood that since 2012, Yichuan County has mainly focused on key regional greening projects, three-north protective forest project, returning farmland, natural forest protection project, continued to increase engineering integration and investment, accumulated investment fund billion Complete 30,000 mu of Zhigang Pantaki, 40 kilometers, 40 kilometers of road green, completed the junction of north to Yangong County, south to county Chuankou, the total front of more than 30 kilometers, basically realize the surrounding mountain, core section of the Kangkou Scenic Area Overall, travel along the exit and tourism.