Blurry eyes Click here to massage to prevent glaucoma

Blurry eyes Click here to massage to prevent glaucoma

Blurred eyes. Click here to massage to prevent glaucoma. Eyes are the main visual organs of the human body. If the eyes are not properly covered, it can easily cause eye diseases and lead to major diseases such as blindness.

And glaucoma is one of the three major blind diseases that cause human blindness. So how to prevent glaucoma?

Chinese medicine believes that massage can be useful in preventing glaucoma.

  What is glaucoma?

  Glaucoma refers to an eye disease in which intraocular pressure is interrupted or continuously increased. Continuous high intraocular pressure can cause damage to the organization and vision of various departments of the eyeball. If not treated in real time, the visual field can be lost to blindness.

  And glaucoma is mainly divided into: congenital glaucoma, primary glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, and replacement glaucoma.

The clinical manifestations and characteristics of various types of glaucoma are different, and early detection and early treatment should be achieved.

  Let’s take a look at the characteristics of relay glaucoma: glaucoma caused by eye and systemic diseases are of this type, the etiology is quite large and there are many types, and only the most common secondary glaucoma are briefly described here: 1,Cataract secondary glaucoma lens turbidity swells during the growth process, or the translocation leads to the relative anterior chamber, the aqueous humor is blocked, causing the intraocular pressure to rise. Once the cataract occurs, the optic nerve atrophy and blindness will soon occur.

  2, secondary refractive error (ie, myopia, hyperopia) secondary glaucoma due to the refractive system adjustment disorders, messy ciliary muscle effect, imbalance of aqueous humor excretion, coupled with iris root squeezing to take the anterior chamber angle, aqueous humor is blocked, which causedThe intraocular pressure is elevated. The clinical characteristics of these patients are conscious visual fatigue symptoms or no significant overcoming. Wearing glasses can not correct the normal vision and is easy to misdiagnose.

  3. Traumatic glaucoma tearing of the atrial angle, detachment of the root of the iris, or hemorrhage in the anterior chamber, vitreous hemorrhage, and retinal concussion, which drains the aqueous humor, obstructs the crowding channel, and causes secondary optic nerve atrophy in glaucoma.

  4. Corneal, conjunctival, uveitis and other secondary glaucoma internal impacts cause turbid aqueous humor, ciliary muscle, iris, corneal edema, shallower angle of the room or pupil adhesion, trabecular meshwork closure, abnormal humor caused by aqueous humorIOP increased.

  What are the essentials of massage to prevent glaucoma?

  Method of acupoint manipulation ① Proper manipulation of acupoints that are good for the eyes, such as Yongquan, massage and acupuncture points.

  Patients with glaucoma quickly rub their hands. When the palms of the eyes are heated due to friction, quickly place the roots of the palms on the eyeballs, so that the eyeballs can bear the hot compress.

High static electricity will occur when the hands are rubbed, and an electric current will be applied to the eyeballs in contact with the palms, resulting in a therapeutic effect.

If it is repeated several times a day, the IOP will decrease continuously, the eyeball will become soft, and the symptoms will be relieved.

  ② Click on “Acupoint”, “Cheng Weeping” and “Hegu” points more.

  0 above the corner of the eye inside the eye point.

At 1 inch; the Chengwei Point is located directly below the eyeball, around the orbital bone; the Hegu Point is located adjacent to the hand, the second metacarpal, the midpoint, the thumb side, and the tiger’s mouth.

Use the forefinger or thumb’s fingertips to massage the two points of “Eye Ming” and “Cheng Weep”, and press the “Hegu” point with the tip of the thumb of the other hand.

Sticking to these points can prevent and improve green cataract.

  Eye massage: Use your thumb and thumb to massage your upper eyelid, and use your index finger to squeeze your eyelid.

  Massage from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, like a little bit of bone exposing the outline of the eye.

Press one place for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the fingertips are detached from the skin.

Do 2 times a day, please do it when you have time and before bedtime.

  Important: The edge of the eye socket bone is definitely pressed with your fingers.

Do not force the massage too much, so as not to feel the pain of the gentle strength antique.

In addition to improving green cataract (ie glaucoma), this method can also improve cataract and dry eye disease.

  Neck massage: Aligning and following the occurrence of glaucoma is also very relevant, so aligning massage is not a problem.

Massage the neck and notice the tenderness or deformation of the cervical spine.

  Such abnormalities can cause eye fatigue, decreased vision, and even glaucoma.

If you apply more rubbing on the abnormal part, you will get unexpected results.

When the effect is significant, it only takes 3-5 minutes to sense that the eyes become brighter.

  The above are the essentials of TCM massage to prevent glaucoma disease.

In order to prevent glaucoma, there are many treatment methods for preventing glaucoma in your career. In order to protect your eye health, you can choose to find the right treatment method to prevent glaucoma.