The oily man snorted coldly。

“Is it?”
Fang Yu hit the Tanzhong point of the two bodyguards。
Suddenly,The two knelt on the ground。
Holding his chest in pain,Very uncomfortable!
“you guys……Stop him quickly!”
See Fang Yu is leaving,Greasy man anxious。
Fang Yu walked out of the teahouse,I saw someone I haven’t seen for a long time——Gou Hui。
“Fang Yu,Why are you here?”
Gou Hui saw Fang Yu,A look of joy。
Because my father didn’t let her go to Fang Yu rashly,She hasn’t looked for it for a long time。
did not expect,I saw Fang Yu here today。
What a coincidence!
“Come over for a cup of tea!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
Simultaneously,The oil-headed man also came with someone。
The oil-headed man sees Gou Hui is here,Flattering,“Huihui……You’re here!I have people ready for tea……”