in addition,For this result,He is not unexpected.。

Three points,Moonlight high,Wuyue Shan’s clouds are bleak。
Two people branch,Alien black shop yawning,Think of Liao Wenjie to give a fake medicine,Otherwise, there is no reason for this long time.,Spring 30 mother does not respond。
at this time,The sound of heavy impact on the upstairs,Erguas is not sleepy,Take out‘Strong pill’Porcelain bottle,A hand shake,Looking up with a big mouth。
Pig eight ring eating ginseng fruit——Swallow。
“dying,So much smashing,Will n’t you live??”
Two when you have a face,Just feel that the energy is infinite,Source continuous power is full of body,Strong to a punch。
He knows that the medicine is coming.,When you don’t want to think more,Quickly rush into the second floor of the black store,Flying a door to the opening of the door,Then……
I first stun for a few seconds.,The latter several bedrooms indicate that they have not read a few years.,Continuous tape crawling down the stairs,High shot in the night。
That voice,Calling the same。
soon,The thieves of the entire cottage will take out the door.:“What is the meaning of two people?,I know that he is very cool.,Can you shout so loudly?,Do you deliberately??”
“Do you have this reason?,The big night will not let people sleep.,How many brothers will be robbed tomorrow?!”
“I don’t talk about my family.,I will drive us away.,I am still deliberating us.,Brothers,Today, you must give him some color.。”
“The guy has always been with you.!”
A group of people squatted to the black store,Just walk two steps,I saw a role in my face.,One foot of a pit。
This is not a focus,The focus is after the two,A huge spider, a huge spider,Floral black with deadly fresh red cream,The huge body is enough to be a bite,See everyone’s skin,Ah, a bird and animal group。
at the same time,Supreme Bao woke up from the nightmare,Hear the lively sound in the cottage,I thought that Spring 30 Niang hangs.,Happy to the door,I hit the face.……
“Call your group of bastards usually cleaned,Not listen,Now earn a spider than I am bigger……”
“Trough,So many people don’t chase,Specially stare at me,It must be a Handsome to hurt me.!”
Spring thirty mother,The brain is hide and seemed to hide and seek hide and seek,Waiting for her pressure in the body, it is already too late.。
“Damn,Demon leak too much,It must be pericamed……”
Spring thirty mother,The drape is emitted, no wolf,She turns into black winds to return to their own room,Seeing the long-awaited figure in the house,When you are in your heart。
as predicted,There is a demon being attracted by the demon.。
White crystal。
Two disciples under the Panshi big fairy,Spring 30 mother,Like many sisters,The relationship between the two is very plastic,Seeing each other is not cool for a long time.。