This clinic seems to be privately opened,In terms of the completeness of the appearance,Seems to be better than Xie Xiangxi’s。

He prayed that the facilities inside could still be used to take Yu Zhe long distances.。
As soon as I walk in,Except for the dust flying in the sky because someone entered,The whole room was moved clean,It is estimated that the operator of the year took away all the valuable things when he left.。
This makes Li Mo a little desperate,Even if this house is complete,Incomplete facilities are no good,But this is only when you enter the door,Look inside,Maybe it’s different。
Keep looking inside,Finally found the so-called operating room。
The situation inside is pretty optimistic,Although many instruments were taken away,But the most important temperature control sterilization device is still,Clean up,The lowest surgical standard can still be achieved。
A few hours later,everything’s ready,The cleaned up small operating room still looks decent。
And once out,The sky is almost lit up,Xie Xiangxi is not nearby,I guess I have already gone back。
He didn’t delay too much,Leave everything behind this little clinic,Hurried back,The journey once,It’s much easier to go back the same way,Not much time,He went back to understand Xiangxi’s door。
However, there seems to be something wrong with the atmosphere,There is another small black car parked outside that door,Anti-peeping film on the car windows,Don’t know what’s in it。
Li Mo became nervous,Could it be that the Qi family found out that Yu Zhe hadn’t completely died yet?,Did you send someone to kill her?,That would be bad,With Yu Zhe’s current physical condition,Basically difficult to resist,And Xie Xiangxi doesn’t seem to have much combat power,Let them face the attacker,It’s too reluctant。
And another problem is,He has never killed and is unwilling to kill,This sentence led to a few of them,There is no safe way to defeat the intruder。
He tried to listen to the movement inside,Find it’s surprisingly quiet,It’s not like I’ve experienced a fight,He feels cold,Are those two dead already?……
Take a deep breath,He took out the pistol he brought just in case,Although not good at weapons,But I often mix in this line,The basic method of use is still familiar。
“Hey,You are back。”Xie Xiangxi’s voice suddenly sounded,She still sits in a chair with nothing to do,Seeing Li Mo taking every step carefully,Can’t help but think it’s funny。
Li Mo was really scared,His just now full of tension,High concentration,So that he didn’t even notice that the target was too small, Xie Xiangxi。
But look at her now,It seems that nothing terrible happened here。
“somebody is coming?”Li Mo put the gun away,This thing is too dangerous,He didn’t want to use it as a last resort。
“Ok,Yu Zhe also woke up for a while,The two seem to be talking about something,Kicked me out,Really annoying,This is obviously my home。”Xie Xiangxi frowned and complained。