“And after just thirty steps,She adopts a completely different chess king Taer fighting style,And fighting is more fierce,I am afraid that even the chess king Taer himself could hardly achieve such a fighting quality at his peak.。”

“After fifty steps,Her chess style suddenly became abnormally stable,Entangling and stifling attacks like a giant python,This is obviously my style of chess,But she is not inferior to me,Even above me。”
“Dozens of simple moves,She can switch back and forth between the masters of chess,Unusually skilled in connection,This level of chess skill,I’m afraid I can’t even do half of her!”
“I suspect she is so young,How could there be such a chess power?Something is wrong!Absolutely something wrong!”
“what?”What the teacher Karpov said surprised Andrei,He also found that the chess path of the little fat face was a little weird just now,But I didn’t expect it to be so weird,Mentor Karpov was shocked。
“teacher,that.What to do then?”
Andre finally understands the chubby face“real”power,do not know what to do,After all today’s bet,But his entire career as a chess player!
“Nothing,I still don’t believe it,There are such strange people in the world!”Karpov pouted,“girl,Keep coming!”
After sitting down,The old chess king Karpov dare not have any underestimation,He is attentive,Focus all energy on the chessboard,Exhausted all my life,Bring its steady chess style to its peak,A fierce battle is in full swing。
On the other hand, the chubby face,She was not at all frightened by Karpov’s position,Switch back and forth between chess kings frequently,Bring the chess philosophy of all chess kings to the fullest。
I saw the old chess king Karpov and the little fat face you come and I go,Every inch of land must compete,Both offensive and defensive,Killed in darkness。
However, the so-called two fists are hard to match four hands,The old chess king Karpov is fighting alone after all,But his opponent is all chess kings in world history,Set to middle game,Karpov faded away,Sweat began to ooze on my forehead。
And the chubby face looked at the time,A beautiful classic Karpov-style twist,Two cars that entangled Karpov,Take the initiative immediately after a quick interception,Followed by victory,Launch a general attack,Finally broke into the royal city,Interception king。
By this time Karpov was already powerless,Had to admit defeat,“girl,I served!”
“Andre,Sorry,I lost!”After losing, Karpov personally ruined Gotu Andre’s career as a chess player,Guilty,I know I am shameless goodbye Andre,Leave the last sentence in a hurry。