Seeing lurking gynecological diseases in dark circles

Seeing lurking gynecological diseases in dark circles

When I wake up in the morning, I find that my eye circles are dark, and many people think that it is too tired and not caused by a good rest.

But pay attention if this happens often, it is likely to be a healthy “black alert”.

  For women, if dark circles persist, they may be caused by dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation.

Chinese medicine believes that irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea are caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, and cold coagulation stasis caused by dysfunction of qi and blood, and dark circles are manifestations of qi and blood dysfunction on the face.

In addition, women with excessive menstrual blood volume or women with functional uterine bleeding are also prone to dark circles.

  Dark circles are also the external manifestation of some chronic diseases, such as chronic liver disease, especially those with long-term abnormal liver function and liver enlargement.

If chronic gastritis patients have digested for a long time, the absorptive function is reduced, gastritis recurs, and the dark circles will also increase.

People with nervous breakdown and visceral diseases, especially chronic diseases, will have darker circles under the eyes, which will be light blue in color, and the range is fine.

  In addition, dark circles are not a “patent” for adults. Children with chronic chronic bronchitis, chronic inflammation, anemia and other diseases will also develop dark circles.