The story of two men beating rabbits

The story of two men beating rabbits

My friend Li is quite talented. Her three-year high school results are far ahead, winning the teacher’s favor, the envy of her classmates, and the college entrance examination results live up to expectations.

After work, I was introduced to Li Jun. After a period of getting along, Li and Li Jun fell in love.

When aligning with Li Jun, Li’s eyes glittered and her whole body glowed with happiness.

Li Jun resembles Zhou Huajian, looks handsome, and talks politely, especially Li Jun’s ability to do business is admired by Li. After careful consideration, Li refused many suitors and entered the palace of marriage with Li Jun.

I rejoice in Li and the people I love, and bless them.

  After the marriage, we were busy with our families, work, and children.

One day Li visited, her mood was low.

When asked about Li Jun, Li was unhappy. Many colleagues in the unit have been promoted. Li Jun is still a staff member. Li is very skeptical of her husband’s ability.

I am enlightened. As for the improvement of a person, in addition to his ability, there are other external factors such as the possibility. He cannot kill his husband’s ability, nor can he hurt the feelings between husband and wife.

Although Li didn’t argue, I still felt my words to unlock Li’s knot again.

  Rei struck her side by side at first, and raised her face to her ears, hoping to be able to infuse her.

However, success does not lie in wishful thinking, in fact, many people can’t exchange for academic excellence no matter how hard they work.

In Li’s accusations day after day, the two kept bickering.

The meanness revealed in Li’s words, her distrust deeply hurt her husband’s self-esteem.

In the fury, her husband was unable to get up to work. He often stayed at home, playing poker with people around him, rubbing mahjong, and Li’s relationship with her husband was no longer harmonious.

  In future meetings, speaking of her husband, Li looked angry.

One day we met again and Li cried, although tears had to be restrained repeatedly, tears still rolled down the cheeks.

Li cannot regret it. Why did she fancy the mediocre Li Jun at first?

  After observing many families, I found that expectations of my husband are too high and unrealistic. Blind compression is the crux of the problem.

This could not help reminding me of a story where the two went out hunting on the same day, and each evening they hunted a rabbit and returned home.

One’s wife praised her husband’s ability, and even the flying rabbits could hit, and the husband was happy when he heard it; the one’s wife blamed her husband for being incompetent and only hit one rabbit a day. The husband was very angry after hearing it.

The next day, the complimented husband thought that today I must hit the rabbit more and bring it home with my wife. When I met the accused husband, I wanted to find a shaded place to lie down for a day, so that she could understand that the rabbit was not easy to hit.

As a result, one person gained a lot, and one person found nothing.

  Most of us in life can only be ordinary ordinary people, not only based on economic conditions, part of the standards of pros and cons, as long as the husband loves the family, treats you with him, loves children, is dedicated to work, and is down-to-earth.He is a competent husband and father, and he will win people’s respect.

Do not place too high expectations, or you can only put a strong “hoop spell” on your husband.