There was no dragon before,It’s just a little black crocodile as a bait。

Why is it still the same fate to become a black mosasaur?,It is the perfect combination of Mosasaur and Tyrannosaurus,The top predators on land and sea!!
“Hurry up,Pay attention to using the river,They are a little dragon!”Zhu Minglang urges the black teeth。
The black tyrannosaurus took hesitant steps,Walk towards the other end of the river。
Arrived at the wide river,Black tyrannosaurus launched directly into the water,Use your sturdy tail and the instinct of the crocodile dragon,Black Mosasaur moves as freely in the water。
And it and those whales、Large marine creatures like sharks are different,With limbs, it will not run aground in shallow water.。
Black tyrannosaurus crossed the river,It slowly stood up from the water。
This tyrannosaurus gave a burly and wild breath when it came from a distance,After getting closer now,Watching the water of the river slide down its back,Look at its dark and hard dragon skin,It feels like a mountain of black iron is moving。
have to say,Black Fang is superior to many dragon species in bloodline,Like the saber-toothed tiger dragon, there is no pressure in front of the black tyrannosaurus,Not to mention the other dragon species that look a little thin。
The adult dragon of the green forest is considered to have a very outstanding physique,It’s a pity that the dragon of the green forest is still short and the black tyrannosaurus has a head,Not to mention the black mosasaur and the wild and straight dragon horns!
Since it is bait,Since it is to arouse public anger,The black tyrannosaurus has its own way of pulling hatred。
It steps into the other side of the shore,Seeing other dragons are restrained by their masters,There is no red-clawed dragon eager to try……
“Puff~~~~~~~~~”A lot of water vapor is sprayed from the nostrils,The black tyrannosaurus turned his fat big butt to the twenty dragons,Then the body bowed slightly,Dragon face twist。
A large group of dragon dung,So big,As soon as it fell on the green grass, it suddenly filled with a soaring smell,With the wind blowing in the river,Immediately rushed to the Red Claw Dragon、Mudstone Dragon、Sabretooth Tiger Dragon、Monquesaurus……
Excreted in front of the twenty-headed dragon!!
This black mosasaur……