Actually, this time is not a big deal,But Xiao Fan felt that there were some worms,If you stay in the company,A pot of stinky meat will bring a pot of soup。

Just like that branch at the time,At first it was because of this little problem,If you don’t pay attention, it may slowly evolve and become more intense。
When some things at the grassroots level may not be able to intervene,There may be many incidents underneath。
It may be more troublesome to solve it by then,So it’s better to kill everything in the cradle,Make them dare not even think,Let them do what they should do,Don’t think too much。
Don’t think about getting things you can’t get by non-discriminatory means,That’s why Xiao Fan handed this matter to Chu Yao so quickly。
Xiao Fan believes in Chu Yao’s ability,Chu Yao will take care of it。
Xiao Fan probably guessed it,Who used this method in the company,Xiao Fan felt that although he had done a lot of things,But at the same time, when doing a lot of things, he also established a lot of enemies。
Although these enemies have been more or less resolved by Xiao Fan in recent years,But there are some villains who dare not directly confront Xiao Fan,So I can only make these tricks。
For example, what happened to Shen Lin,Sometimes the dog jumps over the wall,Xiao Fan forced them to desperately,They want to use some illegal means to seek profit。
This is very incorrect,Also wins,But the opponent they met was Xiao Fan,How could Xiao Fan easily let them succeed?。
So Xiao Fan would never let them get what they wanted,Xiao Fan will definitely catch them all this time。
So that they can’t get what they want,There is no chance to be a good person again。
Xiao Fan once gave them a chance to live a good life,But they just want to get quick benefits through some special ways,Get more material pursuit。
But in this case,They will only attract Xiao Fan’s attention,In fact, if they quietly seek a profit in their own small territory。
Xiao Fan won’t put pressure on them,Xiao Fan feels that everyone has his own life,Can’t force others to live in what way。
As long as they don’t harm other people,Without some illegal means,Or some means to hurt others。
As long as they can live their lives quietly,In what way,Xiao Fan won’t interfere。
But they are now working under Xiao Fan’s nose,Treat Xiao Fan as if it doesn’t exist。
Maybe they haven’t heard that Xiao Fan has dealt with a group of people recently,So they dare to do it,What’s more, Xiao Fan felt that these people weren’t inserted in a short time.。