[Did the bamboo shoots get angry]_action_effect

[Did the bamboo shoots get angry]_action_effect

Did the bamboo shoots get angry?

Bamboo shoots usually refer to newly emerged bamboo.

When it is pulled out of the ground, it can be made into bamboo shoots.

There are many types of bamboo shoots.

There are many spring bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, etc.

Many people like spring bamboo shoots.

Because it can not only be fried, but also stewed, but when you eat too much, someone asks if you often eat bamboo shoots and catch fire.

For this problem, everyone can come in large quantities.

① Why shouldn’t Qingming eat hair?

Qingming is a rare ranking of human qi, and Chinese medicine believes that the liver qi in the body reaches its peak during Qingming.

As the saying goes, it is too late. If the liver qi is too strong, it will worsen the spleen and stomach and adversely affect the normal digestion and absorption of food.

The hair is a product of moving wind and sputum, poisoning fire and helping evil, so people with chronic diseases should avoid it.

In our daily food, the food belonging to the hair category has the following categories: vegetables, mainly bamboo shoots, mustard, pumpkin, spinach and so on.

Fruit categories, mainly peaches, apricots and so on.

Poultry and livestock, mainly rooster, chicken head, pork head, goose, chicken wings, chicken feet and so on.

Sea fish, mainly aquatic products such as belt fish, yellow croaker, catfish, mussel meat, shrimp, crab and so on.

Edible fungi include mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.

In addition, the hair products include bacon, fermented bean curd, vegetable oil, glutinous rice wine, white wine, peas, yellow soybeans, tofu, bean curd, silkworm pupae, onion, garlic, and chives.

② The 3 criteria for judging whether it is “hair” are not clearly defined.

The so-called “hair” means to provoke, induce, and the hair can induce certain diseases or symptoms.

Specifically, eating certain foods may not have caused the disease in the first place; those who were originally diseased caused the recurrence of old diseases; during the course of the disease, those who aggravated the disease can be called hair products.

1. To determine whether a food is a hair product, first of all, it depends on the sexual taste of the food and whether it is easy to induce diseases or symptoms.

For example, people with a cold do not recommend eating chicken, eggs and other foods. For people with a cold, chicken and eggs are hair products.

However, this does not mean chicken, eggs must be hair.

For people who do not have a cold, chicken and eggs have their intended nutrients. They are daily nutrients, not necessarily hair products.

For example, mutton is eaten in the summer. For most people, the yang is more prosperous, and it is easy to cause anger, which is a kind of hair.

2, hair is also related to disease.

For example, some people eat shrimp and crabs easily cause allergic symptoms. For these people, shrimps and crabs are hair products.

3, hair is also related to personal fitness.

For example, Sydney is a fruit that nourishes and lowers the fire for many people, but for people who are physically cold, Sydney has a cooler taste and is a cold accumulation.