White-collar workers get rid of the spring sleepy on the seven strokes

White-collar workers get rid of the “spring sleepy” on the seven strokes

“Spring sleepy” has become a common phenomenon in the spring, especially the white-collar workers who work in the office every day, it is more prone to “spring sleepy”, how to get rid of the office spring sleep?
Come and learn the following tricks.
  Why is there a spring sleep phenomenon?
  Spring sleep is a reaction to the physiological changes brought about by the seasons.
In the cold winter, the human body is affected and stimulated by low temperature, the capillaries of the skin contract, the blood flow is relatively reduced, and the sweat glands and pores are also closed, reducing the heat emission to maintain the normal body temperature of the human body.
After entering the spring, as the temperature rises, the pores, sweat glands, and blood vessels of the human body begin to relax, and the blood circulation of the skin is also vigorous.
As a result, the blood supply to the brain will be relatively reduced.
As the weather gets warmer, the metabolism gradually becomes stronger, the oxygen consumption continues to increase, and the oxygen supply to the brain is insufficient.
Coupled with the benign stimulation of the heating temperature, the brain is somewhat inhibited.
Therefore, people will feel sleepy and sleepy, and always feel that they are not sleeping enough.
  First, take a nap for a quarter of an hour to fall asleep on time, not to wait; nap for a quarter of an hour, can reach one hour at night.
It is recommended that you take a moment to sleep for a while at noon, and it will work well for the spring storm.
  As the saying goes: Huanghuahuang, crazy people busy.
People with temperament tend to relapse in the spring.
For this group of people, spring night sleep can be extended for half an hour to an hour; at the same time, it is necessary to cultivate quietly to prevent or alleviate the development of the disease.
Chinese medicine says that seven emotions are caused by anger, so to avoid anger in the spring, a good way is to step on the flowers, walk in the woods, and integrate with nature to divulge the dullness of the body.
  Second, rest can do scalp exercises Spring insists on doing scalp exercises, can eliminate brain drowsiness.
The method is: first use the hands and fingers to naturally bend and close together, use the fingertips from the front to the back, and wrap around the sides, and vigorously scratch the whole hairline 10 times; then use the ten fingers in the order of the previous ones.Press the ground 3 times; then use the ten fingers to make a short distance back and forth to grab 3 times, each grabbing area to grab 5 times; finally, use the ten fingers to gently massage 5 times in the order.
It is a simple and effective way to eliminate brain fatigue and sleepiness by getting up early every morning and before going to bed at night.
  Third, the scientific use of the brain The science of using the brain is to let the left hemisphere get a proper rest.
The function of the brain has different left and right hemispheres.
In the daily work in the spring, the left hemisphere is mainly responsible for language, mathematics, abstract thinking, etc. The mental laborer’s right hemisphere is less used and relatively relaxed.
Therefore, when the mind is not clear and painful, you should put down the work at hand, listen to music, appreciate flowers and plants, do gymnastics, let the right hemisphere get activities and use, and rest in the left hemisphere.
More importantly, exercise can make the brain with the most oxygen consumption in the body get supplemented and supplied in time, which is good for solving difficulties.
  Fourth, go to the bathroom to wash the face The bathroom is a good place, absolutely private.
If you really can’t help but feel sleepy, and there is no other way to stop, it is better to go to the bathroom.
Sitting in the middle of a five-minute break, no one will blame you for your misconduct.
At the same time, you can wash the mirror before entering the office.
If the makeup is not very strong, you can also rinse your cheeks with cool water and do some mild facial massage, which will help the skin care of the face, and make you more awake, and you will be surprised to find people around you say youThe spirit is much better.
  Five, acupoint massage method Acupressure massage Shujin Huoxue, can enhance the ability to resist spring sleep.
Massage points include temples, wind pools, Neiguan, and Zusanli.
Press once a day, morning and evening, every 3 to 5 minutes.
Proper head massage can also be a good brain-wounding effect.
Close your fingers, gently press your fingertips on the temple, turn 6 times clockwise, and turn 6 times counterclockwise.
Ten fingers comb, four fingers like playing the piano, playing the back of the head, hands massage the pillow or forehead, also have good results.
  Sixth, the diet should be light. The scientific diet also has a positive effect on solving the spring storm.
The spring diet should be light, fresh and digestible. Vegetables such as vegetables, carrots, malan head, celery, cabbage, and alfalfa are the best choices.
Eat as little greasy meat as possible to facilitate digestion and absorption of the intestines; eat plenty of spicy foods such as onions, ginger, and garlic. They have the functions of dampness, avoiding turbidity, promoting blood circulation, and exciting the brain center.  Seven, do yoga exercise after work one: complete breathing method before getting up in the morning, relax your limbs, eyes closed, do 5 complete breathing.

  Methods: Inhalation of the nose, abdomen uplift, chest and lung expansion, exhale, first chest and lungs and then contract the abdomen, the speed is slow and smooth.

After getting out of bed, look for a good corner of the air to practice the sun.

  Move 2: Single Nostril Breathing In the afternoon, when the spring sleeps to you, do a single nostril breathing method.

  Method: (1) Put the right index finger and middle finger on the forehead.

(2) Wrap the nose with the thumb of the right hand, and then breathe out slowly after the left nostril exhales.

(3) After inhaling, insert the left alar wing with the ring finger, and hold your breath out of the right nostril until you feel uncomfortable.

(4) After the breath is exhaled, inhale with the same nostril, and also shorten the nostril breath again, and repeat 3 rounds accordingly.

  Move 3: Shoulder rotation: squat or extend, the back is straight, placed on the collarbone; arch back, hold the elbows to touch each other; inhale, lift the arm up, the size is attached to the ears; exhale, verticalExtend open, keep the chest expanded, and sink the elbow until it hits the waist side; return to step 1 and do it again, repeat in the opposite direction, repeat 5 to 8 times.

  Efficacy: activate free radical relationship, prevent periarthritis of the shoulder; prevent chest and back muscles, improve the body’s beauty, prevent chest cold back.