Antibacterial disinfection of mobile phone once a week

Antibacterial disinfection of mobile phone once a week


You have the right to eat and sleep in the toilet every day!


The scientist said that the mobile phone is much dirty than the toilet, and the friends should pay attention.

  Data show that people may touch 300 different surfaces of objects every half an hour, and then touch their faces 18 times an hour on average. These actions can easily cause bacteria to enter the mouth or nasal cavity, attacking human cells and causing discomfort.

Colds triggered by bacteria on TV remote control or light switch account for 65%, diarrhea account for 50%, and food poisoning account for 50% to 80%.

There are about 120,000 bacteria per square centimeter of the mobile phone, which exceeds the toilet cover. The heat generated by the mobile phone battery provides convenient conditions for the reproduction of bacteria.

  How can we prevent bacteria from such a dirty mobile phone?

The following editors will introduce three coups.

  Plug a headset cable to answer the phone to effectively isolate the close contact of bacteria with our face and skin, and do not prevent plugging in a headset cable to answer the phone. This can not only reduce radiation, but also effectively prevent bacteria on the phone from getting into the skin.It’s a good choice for your health.

  We can effectively disinfect the mobile phone once a week with bacteria. Even many citizens think that long-term use of the mobile phone is not the same as washing the hands after washing. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of disinfecting the mobile phone.

Experts point out that disinfection once a week is more appropriate, multiple disinfection will also cause some harm to the phone.

  The use of disinfectant, 75% of medical alcohol, ultraviolet disinfection lamp can achieve the purpose of disinfecting mobile phones.

Use a cotton swab moistened with medical alcohol to gently wipe off the dust every week. Be careful not to use the phone until the alcohol has completely evaporated, so as not to cause a short circuit.

  To prevent cross-infection, too many people like to put their mobile phones with RMB in their pockets. However, this will only increase the spread of mobile phone bacteria. In fact, we can assign a small bag to the mobile phone to avoid cross-infection with other objects.