All localities have encouraged fertility supporting policy media: Improve fertility rate is a long-lasting battle

  Recently, the supporting policy of encouragement of fertility, which shows that the increase in fertility is being consensus, and the policy may continue to evolve. However, from the global case, it is impossible to increase the fertility rate, and it is necessary to prepare for a long time.

  Beijing Chaoyang District recently released an announcement, launching "The number of children" launches family organization is selected, and many children can directly rent public rental housing, do not have long waiting, this shows that local governments have distributed from welfare housing, Focus on many children, future public housing policies may continue to tilting many children. Not only public rentals, in terms of commercial housing, it is also possible to have preferential policies for many family families. The major cities, especially the first-tier city housing is a scarce resource, and many families are trapped in housing issues. In addition to housing, there are also a variety of policies to encourage measures, such as prolong maternity leave and accompanying leave, directly give birth to a certain amount of economic subsidies, which are especially persistent.

At present, it is not equal to the year, the subsidy is more than 3 years old.

Some local rural spontaneous donations have established subsidy funds to encourage students.

The reason why direct subsidies is concerned, is worried that there is a full-time fertility, which will undoubtedly let the policies will change.

However, the current subsidy level will not lead to a full-time fertility. Family as a fertility unit, has its own economic account. Policy should mitigate family burden on the one hand, and on the other hand, you must give yourself directly affordable. Some families are in an unfavorable position in social competition, and they must change this adverse position through policy guidance and preferential policies.

  People’s daily spending of people’s daily spending, in addition to education, education, etc. The proportion of direct subsidies should be reduced, so as not to appear, the more it is more and more.

  Fertility subsidies and preferential policies are more attractive to low-income families, but from national financial resources, it is difficult for subsidies to change the hoping of middle class fertility. Fertility will take up a human resources, and in the case of modern division of work, it is difficult to reduce the cost.

  Nowadays, there is a fundamental change. After survival, people are not high for many enthusiasm, and Mozi is no longer a sign of social success. The seventh population census data shows that China’s summation rate in 2020 is that at a lower level, the sum fertility is higher than 2 to maintain the number of groups. The number of population is important to maintain economic vitality and economic scale. The big country maintains a certain number of people, and there should be a total of population target guidance, for which you need long efforts. At present, the policy should be dominated by soft guidance. For example, the above place encourages the policy to at least let the families have attached importance to the society, guide the homework of family changes, so that Domestic behavior is healthy in public opinion.