Baokang County, Huang Qi advancement of four under the supervision of the financial funds to strengthen clean

Huang Baokang County Town four-pronged strengthen financial supervision clean sources of funds: [] year, in order to enhance supervision of financial funds grassroots scientific and precision, combined with the yellow Town History financial education and learning "I do for the masses facts "activities, and actively promote clean supervision mechanism innovation of township financial resources, promote financial regulatory action really move, pinpointing a result. Financial security highlight the "real."

The construction of the clean accordance with the requirements of sound "clear responsibilities to ensure effective management practices and effective supervision," the township finance capital supervision system.

Founded by the mayor as head of finance director of the Leading Group for the financial supervision of the deputy head of the relevant departments as members of the unit, to create a strong work force. Each village committee set up financial supervision, in strict accordance with democratic financial management and approval, and other system costs for large projects, each one signed and sealed expenditure invoice review, to ensure that funds are effectively monitored. The establishment of trade finance, budget, project funding, funding, rural "three capital" responsible for managing and other jobs, the approval of large sums of money, the use of public funds, project acceptance settlement, fund performance evaluation and other regulatory review signature.

Forming progressively responsible, checks at each level of the financial supervision system to ensure that each fund flows clear, well documented accounts.

  Disbursement of funds highlights the "fast." That the scientific planning, orderly implementation, after receiving higher subsidies index files, village-based staff responsible for managing the funds immediately served notice to the relevant regulatory information village by village party secretary and village sign for accounting, project implementation with real-time into the dock, so that the project base clear, the situation is clear.

Strict "four proposed two open" mark, programs and projects will be the subject of publicity, the masses after the expiration of the publicity without objection, quickly organized after the approval of the project for approval at all levels, to earmarking. For all kinds of benefits of agricultural funds, funds for special projects, such as the first time to communicate, to deploy the first time, the first time and ensure a precise straight reach farmers "Card" and construction companies.

  Funds focus on "efficiency." This budget level management of the regulated. According to "rural county fiscal control", "village accounts town tube" requirement and effectively refine budgeting, strengthening budget execution, the village all income funds deposited into the township village fund accounts, apply for use of funds allocated to implement, so after the first, budget expenditures, no budget is not spending. The opening of the disbursement of funds "green channel", the special funds epidemic prevention and control, disaster relief and other emergencies such as priority the protection position, to do everything, with tonight. Optimizing work processes. Window staff to effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, to prevent passing the buck, "pass the buck", so that the masses really "only into a door, once accomplishing." Financial supervision grasp the "strict." Improve the regulatory mechanism of financial funds established.

The establishment of mechanisms for information access, information feedback mechanisms and regulatory accounting mechanism and actively participate in the project application, project, started construction to completion and acceptance of work, full implementation of financial supervision of township funds. In accordance with the contract, the project stand trial, follow-up inspection, examination and testing, investment evaluation, principles credentials appropriations, according to the procedure declaration, the progress of appropriations for publicity, to accept supervision by the masses, so that the use of funds open and transparent.

Steering play an important role in the implementation of the regulatory effect, the town this year to carry out spot checks of the project, up to 90 times the number of inspections, the benefits of agricultural subsidies amounted to more than 5,000 households 8.6 million yuan, 55 million yuan of funds various projects, a sum not appear mistakes, to avoid the risk of financial supervision, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of lawlessness.

(He Ji Yu Yang Qingyu bright red).