Russian: Germany suspended certification "Beixi

  In response to the German Energy Regulatory Agency – the German Federal Network Administration announced the suspension of "Beixi-2" natural gas operator qualification certification procedure, Russia responded on the 17th that this matter did not consider the political factor.

  The Russian Presidential News Secretary Peskov said on the 17th that the "North Cree-2" natural gas operator qualification certification program is a "complex process", and the Russian party does not believe that the German regulatory authorities have suspended certified decisions relate to political factors.

Russian companies have prepared to meet all legal requirements and strive to start as soon as possible. Peskov also said that the "North Creek-2" project is important for Russian and European consumers, and both parties should be patient. We need to stay patient, we are confident that the "North Creek-2" project is very important to Europe, which is important to us and European consumers. The next thing depends on the decision of the regulator, we cannot intervene. "North Creek-2" natural gas pipeline from Russia’s via the Baltic Sea to Germany, can bypass Ukraine to transport Russia natural gas to other countries in Germany and other Europe.

But the premise of operation is to obtain approval from the German Federal Network Administration. It is reported that even if the "North Creek-2" natural gas operator qualification is certified, the EU committee should review, review time or up to 4 months.