Shijiazhuang: "Workers Medical Insurance" Transfer "Resident Medical Insurance"

  2022 urban and rural residents’ medical insurance payment will be due to deadline on December 25, then the insured personnel who have participated in the city’s employee medical insurance now, what should I participate in the resident medical insurance? In this regard, the reporter has conducted relevant policies. According to the current policy of medical insurance in Shijiazhuang City, the residents in the co-ordination of Shijiazhuang City can only participate in one of the employee medical insurance or the medical insurance of urban and rural residents. Therefore, it has participated in the employee medical insurance and has participated in the medical insurance of employees. If you want to participate in urban and rural residents medical insurance The cancellation procedures of employee medical insurance have been handled in the formalities of medical insurance, and the employee medical insurance is still in normal state.

Then, I held my own valid ID and my bank card opened by the banks of the Shijiazhuang area to the city of the city or the medical insurance agency of various districts and counties, and handled the employee medical insurance canceled the formalities.

After the completion is completed, you can go to the local neighborhood committee or the village committee to handle the insurance proceedings of urban and rural residents. In addition, Shijiazhuang Urban and Rural Residents Medical Insured Personnel Outpatients, can refer to the medical expenses in accordance with chronic diseases outpatient clinics (31 urban workers, 21 urban and rural residents) and special diseased diseases (8 kinds), then reporting medical expenses, then participate in the masses How to identify chronic diseases and special diseases in medical institutions? Insured personnel can identify chronic diseases and special diseases through the following ways: (1) WeChat search "Hebei Smart Medical Insurance" registration login, select "Door’s Slow Mete Declaration" to enter the "Hebei Province Outpatient Chronic Disease Special Disease Application Platform" for declaration. Or log in to the official website of the Hebei Medical Security Bureau, enter the "personal network hall" declaration platform for declaration.

(2) Enterprises need online registration, file the basic information and declaration of the report, and simultaneously upload the original medical record data and the relevant diseases declared near one year of approximately one year, such as outpatient, hospital medical records and related inspections, and test , Etc.), independently choose a medical institution with a qualified qualification, after completing the complete parallel submission, the reporting person carries related paper medical history to the selected outpatient (special) sick identification agency for on-site identification. For special rejection personnel who are unable to go to the site, the use of intelligent technology is difficult, the use of intelligent technology is difficult, the use of intelligent technology is difficult, and the residence is long, and the residential department, the township hospital, the community neighborhood committee, The actors such as the medical insurance provider of the insured unit shall complete the online declaration; when the declaration needs to choose "special personnel" option in the system, fill in the specific reason that cannot go to the site and make personal commitments, after submitting the identification information, by the physician Directly on online.

After the declaration person (or agent) can be accepted in 20 working days after the declaration of chronic diseases, the special disease species declaration accepts three working days, through the identification of the system query. From the date of identification, you can enjoy the slow (special) treatment in accordance with the regulations.