If the scorpion leaves,So other people are really hard to say。

Others see the scorpion,I also started to stand out.。
But there are three people who have chosen to exit.。
“Boss,I am married,so” “Boss,Me too,My girlfriend” The following words haven’t finished,Jin Xijie has already swayed to let each other。
“okay,You don’t have to say it.,I know that everyone has difficult,So this is not what I force you.,And I also said,Everyone brother,I won’t be a difficult thing.。”
“Originally, I thought about cultivating you as my future.,Since you have chosen retreat,I will not be difficult.,After all, there is danger.,However, danger is the same as the interests,For a while, one will go to me, take one thousand pieces to go back.,Go back to buy some cosmetics。”
“And if you still have worries,I still don’t want to do it.,You can also sell it in the county.,No one will bully you,After all, the county is our world.,As for dry now this line,Some are not suitable。”
Say this,Jin Xijie directly left the humanitarian:“Since you have chosen left,That means choosing a desperate。”
“Don’t say anything else,Let me talk about the worst plan,If you hurt tomorrow,,Medicine fee me,Who gave me a dead person?,I pay money for compensation,Who wants to die?,I raise his family.,At the same time, directly give one million kilometers。”
“Of course there is a good news,That is what we won tomorrow.,We will stand in the city.,There is a counted one.,It will be a big man in the city.,Even tomorrow,You don’t have to go on so hard.,You will have a group of younger brother to sell you.,But prerequisite, you have to give me the position firm.。”
“People don’t worry,Position instability,So some truths don’t have to be handed over to you.,same,I am also a person with a family.,Why do I have to take everyone?,Because I don’t want to be caught up in my life.,I am saying that we are mixed for a lifetime.。”
“Said that we are street son,Said that we have no matter,I have to do a big stronger,Let people see our bikay,It is also a light on his face.,We will be in the scenery,Man of few words,Tonight, I will think about time for you.,I want to come to me tomorrow.,Of course, I have arranged the task to be executed.。”
“I want to exit.,It’s not available tomorrow.,Give me a call directly.,I will send you two thousand pieces.。”
Say this,Jin Xijie directly took out three thousand pieces,Then gave it three people。
Three people heard the words of Jin Xijie,The heart is actually a bit,But I thought about it.,They still feel that there is no chance.。
Scorpion and others are naturally understood,This is an opportunity to use my life to fight.。
Live,In the future。
died,Can only say that it is too much loss。
After all, Jin Xijie’s character is not very good.,But since the two hand,That is to say a style of no one.。
So that millions of promises,Everyone is serious。
I believe Jin Xijie is also serious。
On the evening,Many people are insomnia。
Only Jin Xiger is still sweet。
After all, he has already thought about it.,I basically don’t want him to shoot tomorrow.,Because there is a long life,He believes that a man who can stand in the magic,So small place in the city,It should be a powerful force。
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-six chapters please Li Mei help
The next morning,Jin Xijie has come many people in the city’s temporary accommodation.。
Nature take the lead is a scorpion。
Everyone had already thought about it last night.,For future future,Fighting is also worth it。
Otherwise it is mixed,I don’t know if I can mix it in a lifetime.,Maybe there will be other dangers。
After all, the young people don’t have a light weight.,It is inevitable that one day will not be retaliated by others.。
“Where did you say the best game you said last night??
Do you understand?”
“knew,Location in the city center,A call“Snowflakes”Disco,But there is some things that run there.。”
Such as?”
Jin Xijie did not expect things in the city to dare to do out。