certainly,It is going to use the sword“persuade”。

Waiting for him,Solitary,Turning through the head to Han Zihu:“All-in-one,You have a horse,Go to Chongbei Zhongcheng。Be sure to protect the granary of North China City,Millions can’t be lost。”
“Bamboo,Human duty。”
Han Yuhu is also loose,If you can make him not directly with Zhou Jun,That is naturally the best。Hand killing the front robe,That feeling,Can not be too good?。
late at night,Solites, one person patrols in the city of Nancheng。today,Gao Bo Yi sent messenger,Give him a letter。
The above said that he already knows Zhou Jun out of Shaoguan stationed in the farm city.,It is possible to attack Luoyang at any time,And Zhou Jun was attacked by Luoyang,Mature things most likely,that is……Attack Heyang Town。
This is any one with military common sense.,Can imagine things,Solitary correspondence does not feel unexpected。If Gao Bo Yi doesn’t even see this,Then he will not come out.,Later, you will die in Yucheng.。
Gao Baoyi also said on the letter,He is now being toned to counterattack,Let the solo letter keep the three cities in Heyang。But if it is the armed attack,So necessary,Can give up the Hanyang Gong in South City and the Yellow River,It is only necessary to keep the North China City of the Yellow River.。
When the situation is critical,Can“Joy”,Burned the pontoon on the Yellow River。As long as the North China City is still,So how can we toss?,There is no way to get replenishment from the north shore of the Yellow River.。
This play,It is still under the control of Gao Baoyi.。
What is the assistance?,As for the gods, the army, the tiger, the troops,, do not move,As for the king of Wang Jun, the military statue of Luoyang fell asleep.,These kinds of,Gao Bao did not explain in the heart.。
Summarize:As long as you hold the North China City,So just a big work,others,It’s all the brocade!
Solitary signal spit out a touch,Gao Boyi is planning,Solitary,certainly,He also knows the other layer of Gao Baoyi.。
You don’t fight against Zhou Jun,Playing you to live,Unshire,How can people believe in you??
This is a very real thing。
In order to stand,In order to be better in North Qi,Solitary message must“Sacrifice”,This is avoidable。
“Vast land,Who is the master?,Don’t let me down!。”
Single letter,He raised his head,I saw a half of the moon,Edge seems like hairy。
“General,When Han General patrol in Northern China City,Catch something,Dress up as our army,Attempt to mix into the city!”
A person is in a hurry,Sright around the solitude。
This is coming?
“it is good!You inform the Han General,Immediately change the secret。Um,Tomorrow,Just call……Landslide。”
Wait until the leader is gone,Single letter is very surprised,These four words,It’s almost a moment from your own mind.,He said with the mouth.,Now I have changed again.。
Stop,Change again later。
the next day,When I arrived in North Zhongcheng,Tens of“spy”,Has been killed,Head hangs in the city,Demonstrate!
A means for Han Weihu,Solitary correspondence to understand the hardship of each other。When you can kill or kill,He will resolutely choose to kill,Will not leave anyone。
These dozen trees,What to do,But it is burning the granary.,What information does not ask in them?。If it is caught by Gao Biyi,Maybe it is directly related to the end of the war.。
Unfortunately, they have encountered Han Weihu.。
Because of being suspected,So the Han Xiaohu wants to stand firm,Must show unusual cold!Treat Zhou Guo,Especially you can’t keep your hands。
This way his road can get wider。
“Han General,How is this going?”
The solitary message is calmly refers to the headless body asked.。