Chen Xiu is finally relieved,No wonder I think this person is familiar,Turned out to be little superman。

Li Zekai’s father, Li Jiacheng, has long occupied the position of the richest Chinese for decades,Can be described as a real rich and enemy city。
But Chen Xiu doesn’t have a good impression of such a richest man,Although he is the richest man and a successful businessman,Everything is profitable,But never made any contribution to society,Never give back to society。
Li Jiacheng’s fortune is naturally based on real estate,His effective method is to bid for land at a high price,Then vacant without building,Make the price of real estate higher and higher。
Can stay with you for ten years、fifteen years,The land sold at a high price has made him a huge profit,Just started。
Chen Xiu does not hate the rich,Like to the Australian King Guo Yingdong,Chen Xiu still has some respect,After all, they make money and give back to the people。
As for Li Jiacheng, I really can’t respect it。
As for Li Zekai, Li Jiacheng’s youngest son,nickname“little Superman”,A beautiful word naturally means that he can make money just like Lao Li。
Actually this nickname is exaggerated。
Li Zekai’s brilliant record in business was the establishment of Cyberport,Media people praised him for spending a day,Made the old superman’s lifetime wealth。
Just when the internet bubble burst,He suddenly lost tens of billions,If it weren’t for a good dad who paid a big price,He just broke ten times、You can’t pay back such a huge debt without eating or drinking for ten lifetimes。
of course,In the end, Lao Li still operated dirty capital in the stock market.,Transferred Xiao Li’s debts to small and medium investors。
And this little superman has no talent in business.,But money is not worthy of virtue。
What he likes most,Nature is the bagiRaise a star、Model。
The most famous example ever is the bagiRaised a female star,Gave him three sons,At last……Of course the son stayed,Should we break up or should we break up。
This is not to say how good Li Zekai is for running girls,Just seeing him come over and start a conversation“My dad is Li Chaoren”You can know,with“My dad said Li Gang”In fact, there is not much difference between the second generation of cheating rich。
Li Zekai saw everyone’s surprise,I feel proud,In accordance with past practice,Anyone who is not a brainless beauty will take the initiative to strike up a conversation with herself。
but……These two beauties seem to have no brains,Unmoved,It’s a cold field。