Yuan Qing said viciously,Then quietly speeded up his pace。

“bored?Then let’s talk about something that is not boring?”
It is easy for Xiang Chen to catch up with Yuan Qing,The smile on her face was easily understood by Yuan Qing as being malicious,When Yuan Qing looked towards Xiang Chen,Naturally, I can’t talk about being peaceful。
“what’s up,Just say it directly!”
Watching Xiang Chen defensively,Look at his expression,Yuan Qing always feels that Xiang Chen has a conspiracy waiting for herself。
Yuan Qing stopped in front of Xiang Chen’s car,Da You Xiangchen doesn’t make it clear,Posture not to get in the car。kmdjzy.
Xiang Chen cleared his throat,Lying on the car and looking at Yuan Qing and said:“Before the age of eighteen,You have experienced everything that should be experienced,I received a lot of red envelopes for my birthday, right??”
“What do you want?”
Yuan Qing’s eyes staring at Xiang Chen are much bigger,Look cautious,I’m afraid that Xiang Chen dug himself a huge hole。
“Nothing to do!The little red envelope you received will definitely not be able to pay for your future college expenses,So i want to ask you,After entering Wanghai University,I want to spend money to study in a department I like?I’m still willing to go to the finance department where I spend money for you?”
Xiang Chen looked at Yuan Qing with a smile,Multiple choice question with obvious benefits,He believes that Yuan Qing, an adult, will make her own choice。
Yuan Qing looked at Xiang Chen suspiciously,Obviously you can feel that the guy opposite you has a taste of conspiracy,But I have to admit,The bait thrown by Xiang Chen,It’s really very attractive。
“Although after I went to university,Also work part-time,But why would you refuse a free lunch?!”
Yuan Qing after a thoughtful struggle,Still can’t refuse Xiang Chen’s proposal,The future is unknown,Save some money,Never go wrong!
“You are all at ease suddenly,It’s really hard for me to accept it comfortably,What’s the matter,You just show off with me,Also makes me have a preparation!”
Make up your mind,If Xiang Chen dares to ask too much,,Just throw the folding knife out,Let Xiang Chen know,Even if I send myself under the fence now,But it’s not easy to bully!