Change your child ‘s herd mentality

Change your child ‘s herd mentality

Herd mentality manifests itself in a cloud of people, following the current, lacking their own opinions, lacking personality and self-confidence.

So, how to change the child’s herd mentality and help him become an independent child?

  1. Cultivate self-confidence.

  Self-confidence is a person’s knowledge and full estimation of his own strength.

It is an important part of self-awareness.

Some children do not see their own abilities and think that they can do anything. They always feel inferior to others. Their knowledge of their strength and possible achievements are superficial, fluctuating, and completely subordinate to the evaluation of others.

Therefore, parents must evaluate their children’s performance in a positive language, and must not speak to the child in doubtful or negative languages, such as “look at ××× well done”, “look at ××× the clothes you wearHow nice “and so on.

This can easily make children doubt their own strength and lose confidence in themselves, which will lead them to be on par with others and increase their conformity.

  Parents should constantly enrich their children’s knowledge and improve his ability from all aspects; create conditions so that the child has the opportunity to fully express himself; let the child do what he does; give him full affirmation of what he does and strengthen himKnow yourself and believe in your power.

  2. Improve the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

  Children are young, moral concepts have not yet been fully formed, and the standards for judging right and wrong are still very vague. They mainly judge the right and wrong of people and things according to their favorite and disgusting emotions.

Children have strong imitation, poor control, and often distinguish between good and bad. Depending on what others are doing, they will learn from others, and will inevitably have some inappropriate words and deeds.

In doing so, parents can neither violate nor humiliate punishment.

The correct way is to patiently positively sense and correct, so that the child gradually recognizes the right and wrong of his behavior through adult behavior and verbal evaluation, thereby improving the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

If the child hears swear words from some people, they will learn to follow them. At this time, the parents need to explain clearly. This sentence is a curse, it’s not good, it’s not civilized, don’t learn to speak.

In this way, children will not imitate bad behavior due to herd mentality, and boots will form a good personality.

  With self-confidence and the ability to discern right from wrong, children will have their own unique insights in doing things and not follow others blindly.

Paying attention to the various negative performances of children’s conformity and guiding them to transform into positive aspects is of great significance in forming a good personality quality for children.