How to deal with baby vomiting

How to deal with baby vomiting

The baby was two months and 22 days, 3 days ago from Chengdu came to Tibet’s Qamdo area at an altitude of 3,200 meters.

The baby vomits every day, twice on the first day, once on the second day, and again this morning.

Every time I spit a lot of milk, at least 40?
50 ml.

However, she is in a good mental condition and sleeps well.

Vomiting was also reported in Chengdu (about 4 times).

He now weighs about 14 pounds.

Is this serious?

How to solve it?

  Since the baby has had vomiting before, the vomiting may not have much to do with the change in altitude, but it is the normal phenomenon of the baby at this stage.

Most babies vomit some milk almost every day after birth. The neonatal cardia is loose, and the contents of the stomach are relatively easy to return.

  Sometimes it is because he eats too much, and the body throws away excess milk in a vomiting manner; sometimes it is because he swallows air when he is breastfeeding, and does not belch. Once the stomach is contracted, milk will flow.

When the child grows up, the stern door grows stronger, and when he can sit and burp, the vomiting phenomenon will naturally disappear.

  There are several ways to prevent it: First, be careful not to let your baby eat too fast. If the milk swells and squirts, it will make the child feel uncomfortable; second, pay attention to pat during feeding and after full; third is best after feedingLet your baby stand for 20 to 30 minutes, and don’t rush to play with your baby.

  Even if the amount of vomiting milk just looks a lot, in fact, most of it is stomach fluid, so the child will not be hungry because of it.

As long as the baby does not show discomfort, does not lose weight, or there is a large number of repeated vomiting, green color, crying, coughing and other abnormal phenomena, you do not need to see a doctor.