Beijing: 2021 The capital teenager podiang officially launched

Original title: 2021 The capital teenager Pioneer Gang officially launched this newspaper (reporter Liu Wei) At 8:30 am yesterday, the first teenager in 2021 was on time in front of the people’s hero monument. From yesterday, the capital teenagers were officially launched. The representative from the Sixteen District of the city will be in the north of the people’s hero monument, in the 185-day manner, to the Chinese people’s liberation, the Chinese people’s liberation, the martyrs pay tribute.

  Yesterday was the first day of the First Pionegang, 12 young pioneers from the first Zero Nine Middle School in Beijing came to Tiananmen Square, one group of 6 people, divided into two groups, 15 minutes of each set of rotation, they wore unified school uniforms, Wearing a bright red scarf, wearing white gloves, holding a Chinese teenager pioneer team flag. "Teenage Pioneing, Tour!" With the strong password sound, the team members move toward the people’s hero’s monument, and the team members went to the designated position, the flag hand was in the state, and the flag hand was positive, and this year’s teenage The first post of Pong Gang.

  "When we entered the team, the team sworn in the team to be a communist business, to prepare for the communist career. When I really stood in the monument of the people’s hero, I really understood the meaning of these two sentences." , The station member Gao Yaqi told Beijing Youth Daily, today they are a good boy in the motherland, tomorrow is the construction of the motherland.

Young pioneers should not forget the initial heart of the team, keep in mind the history, inherit the revolutionary tradition, inherit the red gene, and listen to the party. "I also have to join China’s community, and make my own contribution to the construction of the motherland with practical actions.

"Said Gao Yaci Qi, the station.

  It is understood that the Capital Youth Pioneer is a municipal brand project, which is jointly founded by the Beijing Municipal Committee, Tiananmen Regional Management Committee, Tiananmen Regional Management Committee, and Young Pioneers, in 1986, is an important aspect of the prostitute of the revolutionary martyrs. The ceremony is to cultivate simple political emotions of young children, further enhance the specific performance of the smaller players’ glory, is the unique role of the Young Pioneers in the Lidshire, and has had a history of 35 years.

  According to statistics, nearly 132,300 outstanding young pioneers from 6655 schools in Beijing were directly attended by the 6655 schools in Beijing, and they were standing at 130,800 hours. After the end of the station, the team members will also pay tribute to Chairman Mao’s memorial hall to continue to accept patriotism education and continue to deepen the education effect. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, according to the Communist Party of China, the Young Pioneers Beijing Working Committee is unified, as an important part of the learning and education of "Scholars" and the party, the 16th district will also start the zone, school level Juvenile Pioneer, realize the "one district, one post", encourage "one school,", focus on building the city, district, school teenager pioneering activities.

At the same time, while standing in front of you, each district, school group organization will also take the "Red Scarf Love Capital" theme practice activities, organize the post team members to participate in the theme essay activities, talk about the training experience and experience, and carry out the national flag under the theme team Speech, stimulate the glory of the capital, the young pioneers, leading the majority of the young pioneers to keep in mind the initial mission, always listen to the party’s words, walk with the party, and strive to become a new era that can act as the ethnic rejuvenation.

(Editor: Mensus, Gaoxing).