“This guy is more troublesome than Luo Sheng!”

Fuming looked at Luo Sheng,Luo Sheng watched Liu Geng sink into thought。
“Last game,It’s Parkway College vs. Bailian College,The game will start in ten minutes!”
Fuming heard Confluence College,The corners of the mouth can’t help but smile,Speaking of Confluence College,This dean seems to have changed!
“remember,Don’t fight against this Ye Fuming,Keep your advantage!”
Five people from Confluence College nodded。
(Jiang He,Meng Heng,Su Yun,Feng Fan,Shi Le)
“Admission for both parties,Start extracting scene!”
What they got is the ice field,This venue is absolutely beneficial to Chen Mo,Fuming anger and electric madness can basically resist the cold,Lingxi’s Nirvana is not afraid of the fire,But it’s a little difficult for Bai Ai and Feng Tian!
“Spread attack,Don’t give them a chance to hug!”
“it is good!”
The five fuming people looked at the five people who rushed forward and said with a hint:“How do we compare?”
The four of Chen Mo looked at Fuming and asked with curiosity:“How to compare?”
“These guys one of us,Than anyone who can solve them the fastest!”
The four of Chen Mo showed a smile。
Fuming five directly rushed out,Just spread out and kill。