Avoid Liu Qiang,Gao Qiaoli told Xia Jian:“This matter cannot be reported,Can only be private。Otherwise, Liu Qiang won’t have the face to stay in the unit anymore”

“Humph!The bald head caught Liu Qiang’s seven inches,Dare to talk to him。But I have to put the words here in advance,I don’t know about it, then forget it,Now i know,I definitely want to take care of it”Xia Jian snorted,Said angrily。
Gao Qiaoli took a breath and said:“Don’t care about it,Who else cares?I want to manage,You didn’t see the bald head’s tone to me just now”
“Don’t be afraid of this,I guess,The person he was looking for came to the hospital in a while,Then look at me”Xia Jian said,Clenched a fist。
Gao Qiaoli is a little scared,She looked around secretly and said:“No way,You can’t do it for this,And do it yourself”
“This kind of person owes,He will be honest if he is afraid”That’s it for Xia Jiangang,Xia Jian saw the bald head leading a group of people into Liu Qiang’s ward。
Gao Qiaoli saw it too,She said nervously:“Or I call the police”
“Not in a hurry,I will talk to them when I go in”Xia Jian finished,Walk away。
In the ward,People with bald heads filled the entire ward,There are a few standing in the passage。Looks a little scary。People from the next ward all came out to watch。
Xia Jian walked to the door,Squeezed in among these people。Just listen to the bald head shouting at Liu Qiang:“Did the bastard run away just now??tell me,what is his name?Lao Tzu killed him”
Xia Jian walked over,Reached out and patted lightly on the bald shoulder。The bald head looked back fiercely,Found that Xia Jian was standing behind him with a composure,He couldn’t help being surprised。
“You’re not a fucking thing,Brought so many people to the hospital,Are you not afraid to bring the police here??”Xia Jian said in a cold voice。
Bald head relies on many people,Suddenly came the courage,He laughed loudly:“To your uncle,Who is Lao Tzu afraid of in Pingdu??”
The bald voice did not fall,Xia Jian raised his fist,He hit the bald cheek with a hard punch。Shook this guy a few times,Almost fell to the ground。
Which group of people brought bald heads in the ward?,Hula rushed up,But no one did it。Bald face with horror,He holds his chin in one hand,Pointing at Xia Jian and shouting:“You fucking dead!”
“President Xia!What the hell is going on”A cold voice came from behind the door。