The plot of the movie revealed

The plot of the movie revealed

If the plot in a sci-fi movie really comes true, which of the following would you like to become a reality?


Aliens visited Earth B.

Dinosaur resurrection C.

The invention of the time machine freely shuttles past and future D.

Immigration to Alien Planet Choice A: You are often dazed, sometimes you forget everything you think, and your thoughts keep jumping.

  Option B: Sometimes, your childlikeness and playfulness are very heavy, making many people think you are childish and immature, but this is just the image they see on the surface, you just want to treat it with easeThings, your inner considerations are very thorough.

  Choice C: You are very eager to live a life of wandering around, and act rashly.

  Choice D: You are a responsible person. You take responsibility very seriously and consider your own abilities carefully, so you are quite down-to-earth, both for yourself and for the lives of others. You are still a little bit dissatisfied with reality, but notThere will be an escape mentality, willing to face contradictions, and solve the immediate problems.