Can the "rice bag" "vegetable basket" product can be shipped and cost-effective?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 4 (Reporter in Wen Jing, Hu Wei) has received much attention for supply and price changes in food, vegetables and livestock products since a period of time. Is there a guarantee for the supply of "rice bag" "rice bag" "rice bag"? Can the price stable? At the press conference held on the 4th of the Agricultural Rural Department, the person in charge of the relevant division responded to the hot topic of the people. The total supply of vegetables is sustained recently, and many places of vegetables have risen, especially the rising cuisine such as spinach and lettuce.

  Tang Wei, Director of the Market and Information Technology Division of Agricultural Rural Ministry, said this is mainly due to the reduction in disaster weather, and the price of agricultural resources increases. The cost of transportation is increased, and some northern facilities and vegetables are inadequate. Joeined branch and factory production.

The epidemic point of individual regions has also increased the difficulty of production and sales. According to the introduction, through comprehensive research, during the current and "two sections", the national vegetable production is generally normal, the disaster impact is partial, staged, affected by some varieties, except for leaf disaster, other mainly Varieties area and yield have increased slightly, and the total supply is sufficient. Tang Yan said that there is currently a hundred millions of acres in the field, an increase of 4 million mu, and it is expected that the supply of vegetables can reach 200 million tons after the next three months, an increase of 7 million tons. "From a variety, the surface of the eggtened vegetables and root vegetables is currently increased. In October, the rapid leafs have grown more than 3 million mu." He said, in the middle of the middle of October. It has been finely weather, and vegetable production has been basically returned to normal.

Recently, the overall national price increase has narrowed, and the prices of leaves and vegetables such as spinach and lettuce began to fall significantly.

  Next, the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Ministry will do a good job in the production of vegetables and northern facilities, and expand the market supply, and guide the production of variety structures and planting scale, and develop rapid leaf vegetables.

At the same time, do a good job in guiding services and production and sales, strictly implement the "vegetable basket" mayor responsibility system. The food insurance premium price is firmly in the near future, and some areas have the case of buying rice. What is the current food production and inventory of my country? Liu Lihua, deputy director of the Department of Agricultural Rural Ministry, said that my country’s grain is divided into summer grain, early rice and autumn grain.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, this year’s summer grain increased by 100 million kilograms, and the early rice increased production of 100 million kilograms.

At present, the national autumn grain has passed 90%, although Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi is seriously flooding and drought, autumn grains have reduced production, but most of the other property areas are increased, especially in Northeast China.

  "There are many reduction in the country, the increase in the proportion, and the general bill, the national autumn grain increase has been subscribed to this year. This year’s food production will create a new high, and it has been stable for 7 consecutive years.

"Liu Lihua said that my country’s food has been harvested in the year, inventory is abundant, and the basis for stabilizing the price is firm.

  It is understood that my country’s food inventory is in a historical high, especially the total inventory ratio of two major grain grain varies of wheat and rice, which is more than 70%.

Take wheat as an example, in the year of year-old harvest, inventory continues to increase, currently meets 1 and a half-consumption demand. For the influence of the previous continuous rainy on autumn and winter, Liu Lihua said that as of 3, the national wheat has been broadcast 83%, the progress is slightly slower than the normal year, but the slowness of the slow time narrows 25 percentage points in the previous period. .

Next, the agricultural rural parts will be tightly, accurately guided, and do not relax in the current wheat production and consolidate the basis of summer grain harvest next year.

The supply of livestock products is relatively pleasant to enter the consumption season in the fourth quarter, and the price of pork market has rebounded, causing public attention.

  "The main reason for the rise in pork prices is that consumption is pulled, and the market supply is relatively loose." Chen Guanghua, deputy director of the Agricultural Rural Department Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau.

  He said that under the joint efforts of all parties, pig production has been fully recovered in the second quarter of this year.

Since March, the number of new piglets in the national scale pig farm is more than 30 million, and continues to grow.

Piglets can be listed 6 months later, it is expected that the number of fat pigs listed in the fourth quarter of this year will increase significantly year-on-year, and the relative excess of live pigs will last for a while. It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture Rural Ministry will close attention to the changes in the number of pigs, and release an early warning in a timely manner. All localities should maintain the continuity and stability of the land, environmental, loans and insurance, and give help with a serious and difficult farmers.

  For other livestock products supplies such as eggs, Chen Guanghua said that after the National Day, the growth of consumption demand, the rise in farming is promoted, and the price of eggs has risen.

With the recent new episodes, the elimination of egg chickens, the output of eggs will increase synchronization, and the subsequent market supply is guaranteed. "Since this year, the national animal husbandry production has been stable and developed, and the supply of main livestock products is relatively abundant.

It is expected that the meat and milk production in this year may have a high historical high, and the yield of eggs is stable, and the market supply is good in New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival. "Chen Guanghua said. Editor in charge: Li Hui.