Anhui has to make up the national fitness facilities

 "People’s Daily" (15th Edition, 2022) This newspaper Hefei October 11th (Reporter Tian Xianjin) Recently, Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Finance, provincial nature The Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, the Provincial Forestry Bureau jointly issued the "Anhui National Fitness Facilities Replenishment" (2021-2025) "(hereinafter referred to as" plan "), proposed to 2025, new The total fitness facilities have a total of 24.41 million square meters, and the per capita sports field area reaches a square meter, and the province has a football site to reach the block.

"Plan" is clear, to promote the construction of national trail system, strengthen sports park, national fitness center, community football site construction, and complement the national fitness facilities. Newly renovated and expanding sports parks are not less than 98; no less than 3135 kilometers of new fitness trails; new construction and expansion of the national fitness center, no less than 437, newly-renewed public stadium standard track and field runway and standard football venue not less than 54 Newly built social football fields; 35 people in the skating rink; completed 1210 pseudo projects in township (street) national fitness venue equipment, newly configured intelligent fitness equipment, intelligent fitness equipment, 587 points; Informatization digital upgrade is more than 60 public sports venues; 92 new outdoor sports public service facilities; new or upgrading and expansion of communities (administrative villages) national fitness facilities; 4,000 kilometers of new urban greenways; strengthen schools and other enterprises Construction of institutions and social national fitness facilities.

County (city, district), township (street), administrative village (community) three-level public fitness facilities and community 15 minutes fitness circle to achieve full coverage.

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