Pingba District Traffic Police Brigade launched a special rectification action for striking trucks, drunken driving and illegal operation vehicles

In order to further improve the level of urban road traffic management, protect the lives and property of the people, maintain good work and life order, combined with the "Blue Sky Defense War" action, recently, the Pingba District Traffic Police Brigade has been in the region for two days Special rectification actions for traffic violations such as trains, drunken driving and illegal operation vehicles. District traffic police brigade organizes police force to choose 8 points to 11 points this time during the main intersection of the urban area, set the traffic safety assault. Ensuring suspected vehicles, the vehicle must be checked, and we must further consolidate the investigation and punishment of serious traffic violations such as drunk driving to ensure that the traffic environment is safe and smooth. In addition to setting the card point to carry out traffic safety assault, the District Traffic Police Brigade has returned to the bar, and the restaurant issued a leaflet to the public, and they want to cherish life, safe driving, prevent and reduce road traffic accidents. "In order to effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, we will effectively curb drunk driving behavior. We use the card to investigate the drunk driving, let the vast driver friends do not drive, driving, do not drink, happy, peaceful This is our ultimate goal. "Zheng Hong, police officer of the district traffic police brigade.

The traffic police reminds the majority of drivers, drunk driving, drunk driving is a serious traffic violation, must understand the hazards brought by traffic violations, develop good driving habits, to promote the peace of the whole district. The actions, the district traffic police brigade dispatched 23 police officers, 5 police cars, and handled 27 traffic violations, and issued more than 100 bills.

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