Shenzhen City, Mid-Autumn Festival, 10,000 people

Original title: The Mid-Autumn Festival welcomes more than 1.1 million yuan ▲ public tourists play in Hongqiao Park in Guangming District. The interview unit is for three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, blooming, green trees, Shenzhen major parks ushered in passenger flow peaks, according to statistics, as of 17:00 on September 21, 110,000 visitors were received. In this city of the city, which parks are most popular among the public? The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Park Management Center that the total passenger traffic in a single park is ranked first. It is the 10,000 people in Yantian Central Park. Forest Park is 10,000.

  The service is more intimate, the public experiences Jia Mid-Autumn Festival, and the public has entered the Shenzhen Park, the viewing, hiking, picnic, parent-child play, and the family and friends will have a quick stay.

The Honghu Park "Nethal Space" and the Shenzhen Bay Park Egret Slope Book are open in order to open a new fashion for everyone in the holiday, and the park is newly completed. The Yushi Mountain Park fun plant mini garden and children have a moving paradise, but also a popular choice for the public. In order to better meet the demand for citizens, Light dining services in the Lianhua Mountain Park, Shenzhen Bay Park and Litchi Park, and the full-time tourists. Each park also adds an automatic selling equipment, which is distributed in the city’s juice machines, sellers and other automatic selling equipment, and bring more convenient and more comfortable play to the public tourists.

  Epidemic prepatation is not relaxed, safe and orderly city, regional key parks are still in the main entrance and exit, and more than 740 epidemic prevention card points are set up.

In order to enhance the garden experience, the park also introduces new technologies, new equipment such as robot, intelligent cameras, and does not sense temperature-temperature prevention and control and mobile body temperature monitoring, and through thermogram platform, video surveillance system, strengthen the traffic of the park Monitoring, preventing high density aggregation of crowds.

According to the increase in the number of gardens, the park will increase the frequency of cleaning staff and garbage delivery in the park, focusing on key areas such as public toilets, children’s play, and fitness recreation facilities, and the average killing area of ??hectares. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the city’s park was investing in the green cleaning personnel, ensuring clean and tidy the park, daily production day. In addition, the Mid-Autumn Festival Shenzhen Park has increased investment security forces, adding emergency security personnel, strengthening security patrol frequencies, and timely assisting the needs of tourists. According to statistics, we will invest thousands of people in the security personnel. During the holiday season, more than 400 volunteers were busy in Shenzhen major parks. They worked in the "red vest" to the crowd, launching civilized guidance, epidemic prevention and control reminding, etc., becoming a red bright landscape.

(Reporter Yiqian Hui correspondent Xie Yan Han Yuewu) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing let more people see.