Taoism, "里子" Nantong Chongchuan improved the back street alley environment hygiene

Original title: It is necessary to dress up "the face" to consolidate "there is more than 10 years, I have lived here for more than 10 years, now in Nanchuanyuan Road, clean and orderly.

"Nearby resident Lin Ming happily, the governance of the street-running is obvious, and the civilized city is long-term management. Everyone looks in the eyes. The change of Nanchuanyuan Road is a minority in the environmental order of Chongchuan District. .

For the city, the bustling of the road is "face", and the refinement management behind it is "illegal". The back street lane is the key point of the civilized city, the difficulty management, the difficult point, the cleaning level is not high, the flow vendors occupy the road operation, the vehicle is parked … These are rectified, the people have a big opinion. It is necessary to dress "face", but also consolidate "里子". During the long-term management of the civilized city in Chongchuan District, it is struggling to supplement the urban functional short board. Through the cultural governance, cross-regional collaboration, full-time feature management and other innovative initiatives, effectively improve the quality of life. Fine-refined governance "Boss" to change the new color "Hello, reflect some of the vehicles in Nanchuanyuan Road, the parking space is stopped, and the battery car is parked, causing the battery car to park, hope to pay attention to …" Summary, Xuetian Street The social governance modernization command center received multiple work orders, which are reflecting the parking problems of Nanchuan Park.

After receiving the complaint, the command center sent a single and street comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureaus, quickly solving the problem.

As a branch of urban area, Nanchuanyuan Road has a total of more than 680 meters, and wear Nanchuanyuan New Village.

There are many inventions, although the road is not long, but more than 100 small shops along the street, providing various conveniences for residents, also brings problems such as vehicles, sanitary dirty. How to protect this road "human smoke", let it clean and tidically, test the manager of the street street. "We don’t engage in a knife, not a ban, but through precision governance, this purpose.

Wu Jianhua, Director of the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, said. In view of the characteristics of various illegal bursts, Xuetian Street integrates urban management into the command center, incorporates main road sections, heavy hard rectification parts into the "Snow Engineering System", forming smart urban management, accurate rectification The new model of governance, the first time "Delivery", the law enforcement department will act immediately, to solve the problem, ensure that there is a good service, which provides precision service to the strong fireworks in the street. Fine is also from an uncertainty.

Comprehensive law enforcement officers and communities have long been in pavement, and they are warned or punish them for unscrupulous parking, in front of the door, and the entrustment of the outer package property company guides the motor vehicle and non-motor vehicles to park according to the regulations to ensure the order of the vehicle.

The shops along the street are popular, and the vehicle is parked is "just needed".

For unreasonable parking space settings, streets and communities also have a wide range of people’s opinions, and discuss the development of new parking space division and management methods, and to maximize residents while regulating order.

Cross-regional linkage fills the supervision "blank point" "I am in Hongqiao jurisdiction, what is the management of me?" "I am in the Hong Kong jurisdiction, what is the land of the Hongqiao?" Mobile vendor, and the road occupation has always been a pain point for urban management. In the face of this "Difficult", Hongyuan Road is more special. Hongyuan Road is nearly 300 meters, located in the border area of ??Renang Street and Hongqiao Street, partially belonging to Renang Street Management, part of Hongqiao Street Management. There is a community of Hongqiao East Village, Jiangjingyuan, etc. on both sides, and the traffic is large, close to the Jiangjingyuan Farmers Market. There have been more than 10 flow vendors in this area for a long time. In the past, any part of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau often became a "drove law enforcement". After a long time, some "smart" vendors can even identify the urban management team of the two streets, and they will temporarily "moving" every urban management law enforcement.

The urban management department of the two streets will also carry out joint rectification every year, but it can be traded and will not "root". This year, Hongqiao East Village implemented the old community transformation, and many private cars were temporarily parked in the roadside, coupled with small traders in the road stall, so that Hongyuan Road was unbeated every morning and evening. In this regard, Rengang Street and Hongqiao Street innovation initiatives carry out cross-regional collaborative law enforcement, the two street urban management departments can jointly enforce the law, and can regularly enforce the road segment, so that the "game" small boat dealer is nowhere escape. According to the person in charge of the Renang Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, Renang Street and Hepingqiao Street, Xinchengqiao Street, Yongxing Street, etc. also have adjacent areas.

Next, they will be with all adjacent street law enforcement bureaus, further promote the improvement of cross-street collaboration mechanisms, and achieve the transformation from "case" to "case case", from "special" to "comprehensive" transformation, formative long-acting management systems, Improve the level of urban governance. How to sell the "capillary blood vessel" "" Cai Jing "in the whole time of supervision?" "You sell it too expensive, cheaper."

"When I had a time, farmkers were drinking, and the pedestrians were selected, and the school is lively.

School West Road is connected to Renmin Road and Tongjia Road, and the surrounding communities are intensive, and many vendors are gradually gathered here.

The dish is mainly concentrated in the afternoon to Tianxia, ??and the time difference between the urban management working hours, causing no one to operate, and can’t finish it.

School West Road Bridge has gradually developed into a "road market". The crowded vendor, the car stopped the vehicle, not only affects traffic, and the garbage such as the craks and the litter leaves are also managed to river management, environmental sanitation. Combined with civilized rectification promotion, Zhong Xu Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau increased supervision, adopting the "fixed point positioning, special person supervision" mode, and two people strictly defended in the school West Road Bridge, tightening the human defense line of hitting mobile vendors.

"’All-weather’ 24-hour inspection, let the school West Road recovery smooth, food city store operates are obviously improved." Gu Xueli, deputy director of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, before, in the municipal road and Yuzhou Road West Extension There are many night garbage stealing phenomena, architecture, decor, fabric, etc.

"Now the full-day duty, plus the capture of HD probes, and has been administrative punishment for six parties.

"In Chengdong Street, 18 of the 23 back streets alleys introduced the service outsourcing personnel and implemented full-time full factors management.

There is no time in the store, the parking order is standardized, and the people and the city management are relieved.

"Where is the original blocked, it is really comfortable to look at the entrance of the house.

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