Qingyang Yubi: Develop ecological brand agriculture, stimulate the inner motivation of rural rejuvenation

Rural cooperatives are the cells of rural economies, unhealthy, and organizational and organs of rural economies will be affected. In order to let cooperatives play a role in rural revitalization, effectively solve local people’s employment problems, and add to farmers, the production model used by the cooperative isFirst turn to the farmers land, then recruit agricultane to work, so that farmers become industry workers, so farmers can get two income of land transfer rental and migrant wages, and the cooperation community hires approximately 200 people in the field production.It is engaged in roughing and packaging, and the labor force is about 80, these labor is the remaining labor force in local rural areas. The per capita monthly salary is more than 2,800 yuan, and the initiative will help to achieve a rural industry, talent, culture, ecology, organization and other comprehensive revitalization.It is promoted to achieve a strong agricultural and farmers’ life goals.