I wish Minglang an awkward smile。

He glanced at Xiaoye Jiao, whose body was barely covered with purple granular scales,A little bit purple,Not a purple dragon?
Mr. Koi wagging his tail,Around Zhu Minglang、Xiao Ye Jiao、Little Ying Ling has turned a few times,I don’t know if I’m angry,Still thinking,Strange chattering noise in the mouth,But don’t understand what it says。
“Didn’t you even sign a spiritual contract?,There must be a good purple dragon,Of course I will,Now raise a few cubs first,As a reserve。”Zhu Minglang said。
Spiritual agreement will grow。
Now I only have five dragons。
“Also,You should raise more young spirits,These two are not bad,Raise slowly,Maybe it faded the wild,Linghui started。”Mr. Koi said。
Since the covenant is still empty,Then it’s okay。
Mr. Koi exhorted you to wish bright,To raise more young souls。
There will be more appointments in the future,There are more dragon varieties to choose from。
Between dragon and dragon,In fact, there is a spiritual chain,Some of their abilities can complement each other,Even more powerful in battle。
Five Elements Dragon,Is the most classic fit spirit chain。
Metallic dragon、Water dragon、Fire dragon、Wood attribute dragon、Earthy dragon。