“Fuck you, it’s 10,000 yuan,Such an ugly woman,I don’t sleep for money”Chen Erniu was swearing while beating。

Xia Jian saw it was almost done,One pull Chen Erniu,The two rushed down the second floor,On the first floor,Which female board girl is standing at the top of the stairs and looking up,She might have waited too。
“Did you give me the money?…”The woman just yelled out,Xia Jian hit her forehead with a punch,The woman fell down without a word,Open the door,The two just ran away,Xia Jian stood up from the side of the road,Wave to them。
Not far behind,There was the sound of chasing footsteps,Listen to the sound,Chasing them,More than three。
Xia Sanhu took them both,Turned a corner,In the corner,Song Fang is shrinking,I looked a little nervously,In her hand,It is the salute of the three of them。
“Go fast,Drill into the alley,The deeper the drill, the better,Don’t be discovered by them“Xia Jian gave a soft drink,I grabbed Song Fang’s bag,On your back,Lead the way。
I don’t know how far I went,When Song Fang couldn’t walk,,Xia Jian stopped now,It’s really hard for her to be a woman,Follow a few big men,In this small alley。
Xia Jian leaned back against the wall,Looking at the sky with both eyes,Panting,Song Fang simply sat on the ground at his feet,I almost lie down。
“Get up soon!Ice on the ground“Xia Jian couldn’t help but give birth to a feeling of pity and jade,He said,So he reached out to pull Song Fang,Song Fang almost put half of his body on his arm,Gosh!Song Fang’s arms are all sweaty,This cold day,Must have a cold。
Xia Jian hesitated for a moment,Said softly:“Go fast,We have to find a place,This cold day,Will freeze to death“He said,By the faint light,Looked at the watch,My darling,So noisy,Actually, depending on the time, it should be almost bright。
Turn out of the alley,I didn’t expect to be on the side of a road,Wide road,At this time traffic has increased,Sanitation workers who wake up early to sweep the road,Working hard,A person on a bicycle occasionally passes by the roadside,Jeju before dawn is still so beautiful and charming。
“President Xia,look!Where is a hotel,Where else should we rest,The mess around last night,Really tired,I really can’t walk anymore”Chen Erniu got together,Whispered to Xia Jian。
Song Fang following Xia Jian,Said coldly:“You opened your eyes wide,This is the hotel,Can we live?If it wasn’t for you yesterday,Let us live in this broken shop,Do you say there can be such a thing?”