At this moment,There was a quarrel at the door,One is very fashionable,And the sexy woman rushed in,Xiao Liu followed her。

“Are you Mr. Wang?!My name is Yao Junli,When President Xia was here,I am your senior consultant,Just not getting paid,Which office is mine。I heard that something happened to President Xia,I’m not in the mood to come here again,I didn’t expect all the locks on the door were changed,And I have to report when I see you?“Yao Junli looked so good that her eyes were wide open,Looks a bit angry。
Wang Lin waved,Let Xiao Liu close the door and go out,She just smiled and said:“I’m sorry, Mr. Yao,Xia always told me about you,I wanted to come over and ask you to sit outside,Unexpectedly,I’m really too busy,Please excuse me!“Wang Lin said,Reached out and asked Yao Junli to sit down。
Yao Junli stretched her head over,Lowered his voice and asked:“Is Xia Jian in contact now??This guy has been away for more than a year,I’m worried about death“
Wang Lin glanced at Yao Junli,I found this woman is definitely not an ordinary woman,Well dressed and all brand names,A strong aura exudes from her。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“Xia Jian mentioned you,Let me come to Pingdu to find you first,You can help me with so many things“
“Don’t talk about this yet,Shall we talk about Xia Jian first?“Yao Junli interrupted Wang Lin。Wang Lin felt that this woman cared about Xia Jian beyond her imagination,Is there something between them?Women’s sixth sense is generally very strong。
Yao Junli glanced at Wang Lin, who was a little dazed,She smiled and said:“If you guessed it correctly,You should be Xia Jian’s friend in Bucheon, right?!“
“What is good?I feel that your term is a bit inappropriate“Wang Lin said to Yao Junli a little unhappy。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“do not be angry,It sounds awkward,In fact, it means that。If in other words,You are his girlfriend!“
Wang Lin who asked this question really couldn’t answer,Is she Xia Jian’s girlfriend??She thinks it is,But Xia Jian never made it clear,And there are so many women caring about him,If he is his girlfriend,What about her other woman?
Wang Lin hesitated for a while,Put up your courage and say to Yao Junli:“you are right”
“it is good!I guessed it。Capable man,The most important thing around is a woman。You can be his approved girlfriend,That you are very capable,But you have to learn to be tolerant,Otherwise you can’t catch this man。It’s like grabbing a handful of sand,You should understand this truth better than me”Yao Junli don’t know why,She actually told Wang Lin the truth。