Wang Jiajia’s laughter is a little merciless,The waiter on one side glanced in this direction,But the two sides are just a verbal run,It’s not their turn to intervene。

“I am grateful to Miss Wang for this meal,So it’s not extravagant。”
Han Genji is very tactful,Also gave Wang Qiaoqiao a look。
“Ah!I forgot,There is a gentleman by our side,A gentleman will naturally not let a lady spend money?”
Wang Jiajia asked Han Genji,The latter also smiled noncommittal。
“Then our table of meals is counted on your cousin, right?!”
Wang Jiajia smiled contemptuously,She has seen Han Genji and Wang Qiaoqiao’s food,But the cheapest meal at home,Maybe two people saved a long time,So I took the money I saved to spend it,For this situation,Wang Jiajia naturally has to pierce their disguise to be interesting。
“We are not the kind of relationship you think.!”
Atmosphere,But on the surface it still has to explain。What else does Wang Qiaoqiao want to say?,But Han Geunji held him,Then the latter only said to Wang Jiajia“can”And left with Wang Qiaoqiao。
“Are you trying to escape orders?!”
&nbs Wang Jiajia has arms around her chest,Looking at Han Genji and Wang Qiaoqiao sarcastically。
What Han Genji wants to say,But she felt Wang Qiaoqiao pull herself slightly,Look around,The kind of look that people have to bow their heads under the eaves,Han Genji saw it all。
Sighed softly,Han Genji doesn’t plan to care about Wang Jiajia。
But at this moment,Two middle-aged couples and a young man came to Wang Jiajia’s side。Han Genji Slightly,See someone,Do not need them to introduce themselves,The words of successful people are written all over them。Besides, one of them is Wang Xingzhi,Rao is Han Genji in ignorance,He will not forget the leading figure in Wanghai medical field。
“dad,Look at,You often help her to give her money,The part-time job she said is to come to eat in this kind of place!”