[Can I eat ice cream during lactation]_Ice cream_Breast feeding_Can I eat

[Can I eat ice cream during lactation]_Ice cream_Breast feeding_Can I eat

Ice cream is a food that many people eat when the weather is hot. The nutritional value of ice cream is very high, and the ice cream inside is a good food to solve the summer heat, but it ca n’t be eaten during breastfeeding.Ice cream, because it may cause diarrhea, or other gastrointestinal diseases, so you ca n’t eat ice cream during breastfeeding.

Ice cream is not a ban on breastfeeding.

In the hot summer, the mother can eat a little ice cream to relieve the discomfort, the specific situation depends on the mother and baby’s different body.

Some mothers will experience diarrhea after eating ice cream. In this way, even if they only eat a little, the baby will also eat it through milk, which may cause diarrhea or other diseases.

Therefore, ice cream such as frozen food breastfeeding mothers still eat less.

It is best to eat fruit with warmth, which is also good for babies.

The harm of lactating mothers to eat ice cream: 1. Due to the weak resuscitation function of lactating mothers, after eating too much cold food, it is easy to cause the blood vessels to contract suddenly, reduce gastric secretion, reduce digestive function, and cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.
2. Because nasal, pharyngeal and tracheal mucous membranes of lactating mothers are often congested with edema, if you eat too much cold drink such as ice cream, the congested blood vessels suddenly contract and the blood decreases, which can cause local resistance to decrease and make it latent.Bacteria and viruses in the throat, trachea, nasal cavity, and mouth take the opportunity to cause people to cause sore throat, cough, and headache.

In severe cases, it can cause upper respiratory tract infections or induce tonsillitis.

3, breastfeeding mothers should not eat too much ice cream cold drinks, because it will affect the baby through milk, babies with weak resistance can not adapt to changes in milk, it is easy to develop diarrhea.

Especially when the baby has diarrhea or the body is not good, the mother should not drink cold drinks or ice cream.