Where is your bottom line in contract marriage_1

Where is your bottom line in contract marriage

This time, I did not take out my tie.

  ”Hey, what about yours?

“The old public finger dangled a pink-purple silk underwear in front of my eyes. Looking at the size, I knew it was a 36C woman this time.

I tilted my head, hiding from the purple ball.

  ”how is everything?

What about the tie?

Take it out and let me see.

“” I felt tired, didn’t go, and sat down for a while, then came back.

“I stood up and went to the bathroom.

  ”what happened?

Let me see.
“He touched my nose, and my nose was constantly sniffing between my hair and neck.” No, you don’t smell right, it’s human, don’t lie to me, hand it over.

“” Yes, I lied to you!

But this time I didn’t wear a tie.

“I earned his arms.

  ”No tie?

Aren’t you dating a man without a tie?

How did you make an exception this time?

Come here and talk about it.

“Shake off his hand and I went into the bathroom.

  The tie was tucked into my bag with a very common yellow diamond pattern.

There are similar ties in the closet dedicated to the display of “trophy”.

According to our agreement, I should hand it over and hang it with the other ties. I do n’t know why, this time I just do n’t want to hand it in.

Don’t want it to stand with other loot for review, don’t want to make it messy.

This has nothing to do with the owner of the tie. I’m just tired of it. I didn’t want it anymore.

When I go to the cabinet, different brands of perfumes, shampoos, and the smells left by different bodies are entangled. My nose is itchy and I want to sneeze.

We used to be idle. We used to open a cupboard and blindfolded to smell which skirt or tie belonged to. The one we lost and the one we won served.

  We live a non-mainstream marriage life. In simple terms, our marriage is very open.

  At the beginning, like other couples, we closed the door and lived for two people.

Until two years ago, her husband was a visiting scholar abroad.

Ye Ye Shengge’s husband and wife’s life was interrupted, psychologically and physically uncomfortable.

We met online and were in love.

Later on online sex.

Suddenly one day, my husband said on the Internet that when I was away, if you had a need, you could find another man to solve it, but you have to confess to me.

I thought he was testing me. I didn’t expect him to say that he would also have relationships with other women, but he would confess to me.

He also said that we truly love each other, and that our bodies are nothing more than skins.

We might as well have an open marriage.

Just like Sartre and Beauvoir, the three chapters of the law: travelling around the sea, looking for their own, everything is transparent.I said, hell, you!

It was broken.

  If we were together, we might have quarreled at that time, but we were too far away to quarrel and couldn’t bear to quarrel.

Is he already someone?

Do you want to stay there and not come back?

He wants to give up our marriage and trick me into derailment?

But extreme separation, sex unemployment is really a big problem, I think wildly, when he is a man of love.

Three days later, he showed me a woman’s underwear in an online video. He had a relationship with this woman yesterday, and he said that you see me go to bed with another woman, but I don’t love her, I only love you.

You try it too, don’t forget to ask him for something, I want to see it.

  The first one-night stand with others was completely offended by him.

Don’t you want me to go to bed with another man?

Haven’t you gone to bed with another woman?

You opened the door. Who wouldn’t go out?

Afterwards, I took the man’s tie.

  Such a wide tie must be a very strong man. How did you start? Tell me, did his hand come in through your neckline?

Or do you unbutton it first?

Baby, tell me!

  Listen to the details, okay, let me tell you!

I add jealousy, like an evil woman, he is excited.

  In the future, we will share each other whenever we have an encounter.

It was mainly he who shared me, and I was not interested in the hand-to-hand combat with those women.

I think this is abnormal.

Fortunately we still love each other, anyway, I did not fall in love with the other one.

He said, that’s because we have immunity. In some houses, you always close the doors and windows to close the air tightly. Once a slit is opened, the wind blows in and it is easy to catch a cold.

As for us, each other has experienced so many people, and we love each other in our hearts. Our love actually transcends the flesh.

  I don’t have those theories, I just think that this approach is probably the most humane.

After all, we were too far apart and too long.

As long as we are loyal to each other and allow each other, physical pursuit is not betrayal.

  He is back.

We slept in a bed face to face.

But the “door” could not be closed.

  When we face to face, we only have each other in our eyes, turning around, dazzling, and the “trophy” in the cabinet keeps increasing.

Sometimes I am satisfied with this state of life, husbands who trust each other, fresh lovers, full of adventure and excitement.

Sometimes I hate it again, what do we think of our marriage?

Counting is nothing that must be done by the two of us but by the third party.

  He is water like a fish.

  The man who seemed to be on the 15th floor just now is the type you like.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, he said to me.

Hate, rabbits don’t eat grass.I ca n’t see it, I ca n’t see it, sorry?

I said.
I saw his wife that day, yes.

Wife, why don’t we exchange with them?


I twisted his ears: tell you, this heart is dead.

We can only play outside if we want to play, not neighbors!

No friends!

Exchange is even worse!

  These are my bottom lines.

He always wanted to break through.

  We stipulate that we only go out for “hunting” on Saturday.

We don’t take the home with us and we don’t go higher outside.

We usually go home around 3 am.

They exchanged “trophy” with each other. He listened to me about things with other men, and was very excited. After a big war, he went to sleep before dawn.

  At noon the next day, we went out for lunch, and I took out the key to lock the security door.

A roll of tie fell out of the bag and he picked it up.

  You fouled and violated the third article we agreed on-everything is transparent.

He said.

  He pestered me for the next few days.

Tell me, what happened to that tie?

What happened to that man, are you so reluctant to say?

I told you everything?

You are a very honest person, when did you start to be dishonest?

What the hell are you doing?

Are you in love with him?

Is it someone I know who brings such a lead . I don’t speak, I really don’t know what’s going on, I just don’t want to show that man in front of him, I suddenly have a way to protect thatMan’s desire.

The more he tried to get him out, the more I wanted to hide him.

This kind of thing has never happened before. We used to laugh and even laugh at those men and women with whom we associate.

  Am i in love with that person?

I just annoyed my life now.

  Like a deceptive wife in a traditional marriage, he was intimidating and trying to figure out what the tie was about.

  If you think about it, if I play outside and do n’t tell you when I come back, are you uncomfortable?

You are annoying, this shows that I care about you, I love you!

He came soft.

  If you continue this way, we will terminate the agreement.

No one is allowed to play outside.

From this week we are closed!

He was ultimatum.

  In the following month, we did not exchange “trophy”.I don’t know if he poached.

He bit me like a hound anyway.

No matter I am at work, at home, or shopping, anyway, I am not in his sight, he will call to check the post every 2 hours.

I found the “interesting” problem. What we call open marriage is not really open.

An ordinary tie makes us like ordinary couples.

  Marriage, we have chosen obstacles!

  There are 238 forms of marriage.

Among them, 193 are monogamous.

There are very few real picks, and not many people.

Right now, it is during the active period of marriage that more and more can be chosen.

With more choices, there are obstacles to choice.

Which marriage status is most suitable and comfortable?

It’s like hitting a ball and popping it in. The test is psychological endurance.

Those who can bear it, like fish and water, can’t bear it, and have trouble breathing.

  ● The myth of contractual love Sartre and Beauvoir’s “contractual love” was as admirable as mythology.

They call the love between the two sides “the inevitable love” and the love with other people “the accidental love”.

They agreed to keep their sexual freedom free, and they should not be jealous of each other.

To be frank with each other and everything to be transparent, one party must not conceal any private feelings from the other party.

  Once myth, the gradual truth revealed through time.

Beauvoir can’t wait to throw out her correspondence with Sartre after Sartre’s death, to prove that she and Sartre are always the closest, she is his favorite.

More people said he was her Cotai Strip.

  The long-term relationship between men and women must be evidenced.

Ordinary people don’t have great text, only a wedding book.

Some people think that the marriage is completed only by physical occupation.

The reality is that loving someone requires full occupation from the spirit to the body.

The flesh and spirit cannot be separated even with the most advanced cutting technology.

  ● The taste of the second sugar Most people only eat one sugar.

People who eat the second type will be overjoyed.

But after someone eats it, I find it tastes bad, or I feel uncomfortable while eating. What should I do?

One, throw up!

Second, eat it and stop eating it later. Third, bear it out and eat it later, because the second taste is not something everyone can taste.

That’s how relations get screwed up.

  Do not want to eat, spit it out and clean your mouth.

Eat the first, or the third, or the fourth . two people eat a piece of sugar, and taste communication is important.

And his oral habits when eating, if you do n’t like it, you ca n’t eat it together.

  ● Which one do you need more, safe status and favorite status?

  ”Fresh, adventurous, exciting.

“Your favorite.

  ”What is our marriage?

There is nothing that counts and counts between us and the third party.”You feel unsafe.

  We encountered a witch, not an angel.

We must exchange one thing for another.

For fresh stimulation, you have to give up the safe roof; when you go out, you have to give up some of the protection of women’s interests in the marriage door; for protection, you have to give up part of your freedom.

Constantly creating conflicts between the two needs, testing your bottom line, and sometimes losing your psychological balance.

And the conflict between mainstream consciousness in the mind and current marginal life, as well as guilt caused by the unfairness of third parties, are challenging your ability to bear to varying degrees.

  ● Is an emotionally controlled marriage reliable?

  No matter what form of marriage (or relationship) is, it must be controlled.

The restraint and sense of responsibility carried by the form of marriage is itself a kind of control.

In open marriage, both parties voluntarily give up this control and can only rely on interest control or emotional control.

  Emotional control, the prospects are very confusing . you don’t know if you can control the other party and yourself.

  The door to marriage was opened, and we gave up the ownership of the flesh, and the signature code on the ownership of the spirit increased.

Repeatedly stated: everything is transparent!

I think “everything is transparent” can control each other.

In fact, everyone knows that not defending does not mean city security.

  Everything can be the most reliable thing in a marriage, and anything that can be reliable can become unreliable.

Let our mind bear the weight it can bear.