Prescribe a prescription for online mental illness!

Prescribe a prescription for online mental illness!

A few days ago, a parent’s letter from a middle school student said that their child is currently in middle school. For the child’s study, they are eating and drinking, buying a computer for the child, but the result is heartbreaking.

Because children do not use computers to study, instead they chat online, make friends with opposite sex, go to pornographic websites, and play unhealthy games.

When they banned their children from using computers, the children ran to the Internet cafes to play, and often skipped classes. They went to the Internet cafes day and night like a demon.

This middle school student not only lost his studies, but also did not communicate with his parents all day, and behaved abnormally.

Although the child’s parents have adopted various methods, including internal scolding, they have not helped.

At present they are extremely worried and hope that relevant experts can help them.

  A psychomedical expert at Capital Medical University is said to have explained that what happened to the child is now widespread among adolescents.

A survey shows that currently the majority of online students in the society are school adolescents, and about 50% of these students often go to pornographic websites, online games, chat, and online dating.

Because adolescents are addicted to the Internet for a long time, they often lead to psychological problems and diseases such as mental disorders and abnormalities.

  Experts believe that in general, adolescents are addicted to the Internet and cannot extricate themselves from the following reasons.

  First, adolescents have a natural, spontaneous mental illness that actively explores the outside world.

  In the face of new things-surfing the Internet, they are of course eager.

Chatting online, making friends, and online dating are definitely the best way for teens to gain understanding.

And the youth’s psychology is immature. Some unhealthy websites and games are often viewed with suspicion. As a result, they are overwhelmed, and they will be addicted to it.

  In fact, due to the high pressure of study among young people in school, the spirit has been tense for a long time.

  Obstacles and confusion often arise in interpersonal communication in real life.

In addition, children and parents rarely communicate well.

These results in adolescents in a period of physical and psychological distress, long-term depression of the spirit requires a way to intervene to vent.

The Internet is definitely an ideal way.

  Thirdly, because of the current lag in sex education, adolescents are physically mature and their sexual desire is increasing day by day.

  But sexual psychology is extremely immature, and there is a general mystery about sex.

Driven by this kind of psychology, it is extremely tempting to be tempted by unhealthy websites and games.

  Adolescents addicted to the Internet, especially pornographic websites, are extremely harmful.

First of all, they are lost in the virtual world, self-closed, separated from the real world, and unwilling to interact with people face to face.

Over time, it affects adolescents’ normal cognitive, emotional, and psychological positioning.

It may also lead to the division of their personality, which is not conducive to the formation of a healthy personality and a correct outlook on life for adolescents.

In fact, obsession with the Internet may also cause adolescents to develop psychotic symptoms.

Once you leave the network, you will have mental problems and illnesses such as mental disorders and abnormalities.

It is manifested in daily life and study, which is abnormal behavior, sullen expression, nonsense, and weird personality.

Teachers and parents should actively participate in education and guidance.

It should be noted that: 1. Parents should actively communicate with their children on an equal footing and strengthen their child’s spiritual care. Parents should actively communicate with their children on an equal footing to understand their inner world, understand what their children need, and give their childrenWith spiritual care, understanding and comfort.

For example, parents can often talk with their children about their children’s interests, participate in the re-activities of children and adolescents, respect the children’s cognition, and meet the children’s needs for spiritual love, which can reduce children’s desire to go online.

  2. Actively take measures to divert children’s attention, and lead teenagers’ curiosity to the right track. Parents and teachers should guide and guide the curiosity direction.

Starting from the positive psychological characteristics of young people, help them to set ambitious goals, cultivate their noble sentiments, and strengthen their self-control.

For example, the school regularly conducts various cultural and sports activities, holds various interest groups for a long time, and organizes various special training courses for students’ specialties and interests, and actively encourages them to participate in social practice activities and various useful summer camps.

Intentionally divert the attention of teenagers from the Internet.

  3. Develop normal sexual knowledge education to eliminate adolescents’ mystery and sexual distress. Parents and teachers can conduct some sexual knowledge education and explanation through appropriate methods.

Regarding the sexual and physiological phenomena and sexual confusion that occur in the child’s growth process, we must not perfuse the matter because of inconvenience.In terms of sex education, schools should launch formal sex knowledge education classes in a timely manner to eliminate adolescents’ mystery and sexual psychological distress.

Make teenagers have a correct understanding of sex in order to eliminate their enthusiasm for pornographic sites.

  4. Teenagers should strengthen their psychological quality and control. First of all, they should establish a firm and correct goal of struggle, so as to cultivate their own control and endurance for motivation.

Strengthen the cultivation of their own sentiments, actively communicate with the outside world for some errors in life, and seek external support from parents, teachers and friends.

  Experts point out that if adolescents with Internet mental illness want to quit Internet addiction, they can consciously shift their goals, such as looking for books and taking part in some activities they love.

If you can’t quit Internet addiction immediately, you can gradually reduce the number and time of surfing the Internet.

When you go online, you should consciously overcome your curiosity and desire to avoid pornographic websites.

If it is difficult for them to control themselves, parents can also be involved to monitor themselves.

  5. Home and school should communicate regularly, establish an effective monitoring system, and control the rest time of children with Internet addiction, so as to establish a good external environment. From a psychological perspective, the external environment affects the personality of young people.Formation and development have a major impact.

For teenagers with internet addiction, (when the total of 4 hours a day is called Internet addiction,) it is essential to find a psychiatrist.