Biodiversity effectively protects Shanxi has been in action

  Original title: Biodiversity Effective Progress Shanxi has been in action, the province’s forest coverage is reached, 2743 wild plants have been known recently, Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from Shanxi Forestry and Grassland News Volunteers, the forest area of ??our province has Ten thousand acres, the forest coverage rate reached%, and the constraint indicator of the "13th Five" planning forest coverage rate is achieved. During the "Thirteenth Flagship Species", "13th Five-Year Plan", the Provincial Forestra Bureau fully completed the second key to protect wildlife resources in our province (hereinafter referred to as "two tones"). The basic data, regional distribution, protection status and problems of wildlife planting, regional distribution, protection in our province have identified the "four major flagship species" for money leopard, original musk, brown chicken, black stork. The special survey of North China Leopard was carried out.

Strive for central financial funds to carry out special investigation and monitoring of large-scale beasts for umbrella, studying their food and activities, habitat quality, and preting groups, establish individual identification files, analyze the threat factor, to fully implement Shanxi North China Leopard The protection project has been made up.

  The 88% of the wildlife groups and higher plant communities in our province have been effectively protected, more than 30 kinds of plants, 17 kinds of birds (white eyebrows, red and sorrow, orange-winged, yellow hip 鹎, etc.) have a new Distribution, new records, rare and endangered species distribution areas continuously, the number of populations has grown steadily, and the biodiversity is constantly rich.

  According to the "two-tone" data of the animal, it has known that there are 2,743 kinds of wild plants, accounting for 1 national, including 1 national level to protect wild plants, 34 species of national second-level protection of wild plants, and 49 kinds of provinces focus on wild plants .

There are 541 species of land, accounting for 24% of the country, including 72 species of breastfeeding (beast), 426 species of birds, 12 kinds of two toe, 31 crawling classes, including the history of Shanxi in history. . During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, our province will continue to implement wildlife protection projects, highlighting the focus, and strive to make North China Leopard, brown horses into ecological business cards in green Shanxi.

  During the completion of more than 2,300,000 mu of "13th Five-Year Plan", the province has completed more than 2,300,000 mu of creating a forest, 2,500 green villages, and the establishment of "National Ecological Cultural Village", "National Forest Country" 255. , Beautiful Shanxi construction takes a solid step. In recent years, the province has launched the implementation of the protection and repair of the Taihang Mountain Luliangshan ecosystem. The annual annual average annual task is arranged in 81 counties in the two mountains, and created the full-scale layout, the whole mountain treatment, and regional promotion. Repairing the new pattern of protection, opening a new chapter in the governance of lakes in lake in lake in landscapes.

  Our province will bonuse the poverty-striating the afforestation to the poverty alleviation, let the poor people build color landscapes in the labor and soil labor, realize the gainscent goals of the property, and the accumulation of 10,000 poor members have received afforestation labor services, and the annual per capita income More than 8,600 yuan, the increasing green income and promoting the win-win achievement.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, our province has focused on building "three-screen four groups of five districts" land greening system, namely the Yellow River and the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection Barrier, Huan Jingjin Ecological Safety Barrier, Central Mountain Biological Diversity Protection Barrier; Taiyuan , Datong, Changzhi-Jincheng, Linyi four major urban groups, ecological construction system; northern ecological restoration area in the Yellow River Basin, the central ecological management area of ??the Yellow River Basin, the Ecological Reconstruction area of ??North China Shui Tower, the North Section of Taihang Mountain, the middle section of the Taihang Mountain Ecological recovery zone, strive to take basic greening in the province for 3 years. Realizing the full coverage of forest fire insurance warning satellite monitoring, during the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Provincial Forestry Bureau continues to strengthen the construction of fire infrastructure in the province. The province’s forest fire insurance warning satellite monitoring has achieved full coverage, and the focus area fire lookout monitoring coverage rate reaches%.

40 new technologies for new drones, 9 airborne water sources, and aviation fire coverage area reached 10,000 hectares. New or transform the forest fire emergency road 8175 kilometers, the province’s key area forest fire barrier network length reaches km.

The increasingly strengthened fire infrastructure provides a powerful guarantee for forest grass resources in our province. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, there were 81 forest fires in our province, 24-hour fire extinguishing rate; forest fire damage area, annual average forest fire was increased, and overall declined. In recent years, the provincial forest grass has changed the traditional "dead-looking hard fire" as "comprehensive effective fire", and has formed "gridized inspection and fixed-point care system with Shanxi characteristics, forest fire prevention equipment and infrastructure construction continue Perfect, the fire emergency response capacity is continuously improved, the new pattern of forest firefighting professional teams, the new mechanism of forest fire prevention work is basically formed, and the comprehensive prevention and control ability is further improved. The province’s forest fire prevention work has achieved remarkable results.

(Reporter Xue Jianying).