Central air conditioning power consumption? Casa Emperor won the Shanghai energy-saving product certification

Air conditioning has been optimized and upgraded in energy saving technologies.

Unlike local variable frequency technology, Casa Emine is fully applied to DC frequency conversion technology, covering each major component, and the indoor engine drainage pump is used to use direct current frequency conversion technology. Air conditioning is not only technically upgraded, but also optimized in the energy saving algorithm, research and development of the latest energy-saving algorithm: floating evaporation temperature control. According to the room area, temperature and humidity changes, the system can adjust the air conditioner output in a timely manner, realize air-conditioning capacity and energy efficiency self-evaluation, self-calculation, automatic adaptation, and ultimately realize air conditioning effects and energy saving. The air conditioning also took the lead in changing the scene, brings a wisdom air scene experience of home appliance, home, and home improvement through the docking three-wing bird table. Air conditioning customizes exclusive air for each space.

In the living room, the ultra-thin 180mm inner machine saves home space, warm and humidity, degeneration, and the house can have fresh and comfortable air all day.

The bedroom uses ultra-quiet technology, micro-hole blowing technology, and creates a good sleep environment with soft wind. In addition, there are special air conditioners such as kitchen, clothes room, and study rooms. The new wind system covers the whole family, full-line voice control, and talk can control all house air.

Taiwan, but also integrate more than 3,200 professional home installed designer resources across the country, can customize the installation plan according to each household renovation schedule, and to better partition the wind and install beauty.

The air conditioner is successfully certified by Shanghai energy-saving product, and it is true to the name. Under the guidance of "China Manufacturing 2025", the development of energy-saving products has become the scientific and technological innovation direction and scene layout strategies of the general trend, Casa Emperor, or will become the transformation and upgrading of the entire air conditioning industry.

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