Completely protect Long Villa,Just feel that you are embarrassed,You can go to the prison yourself.?Also put it in your eyes?

“waste!”The emperor’s anger is screaming, Cao Zhengyu。
“Old slave,Emperor thousands of heavy dragons……Cough。”Cao Zhengyu,I try hard to cough out blood。
at this time,“Mother driving”Sound comes……
Tournaine riots,Calculate a paragraph,Emperor also needs to rest,Even in the premature appease,Cao Zhengfu first treatment,Chu Deirers have not been sold in the middle of the night“out”Palace,But let him go to the government to rest。
This place is quite simple,Not as good as Juxian’s guest——After all, it is just a place to rest.,How to drink in private?,It is mainstream in the palace of Rick Chensik.。
Chu Demen just had to rest,Seeing Sun Gong’s rushing from the direction of the palace,In the past,I will follow it.:“Sun Gonggong,What is so urgent??”
“what!Chu Tai……You are this?”Sun Gongcao scared a jump
“Don’t be afraid of you,I am this too late and emperor.……Say what you call me??”Chu Dee people explained a sentence。
“Cough,Chu Hexia is well,Old slaves are to speak。”Sun Gonggong said unknown。
The Chu Deiren seems to see that Sun Gong is full of face.“Prefer not to say”,Ask:“What words?Isn’t this Chen Gate??Some people seek?You walk slowly……I went to the inner palace for a while.,I still follow more.!”
Sun Gonggong:……
I don’t tell you together.,You have to follow me into the inner uterus.?
Sun Gonggong wants to think,I feel that this thing seems to have some people.,So helpless answer:“God Hou with two ji,In the door of the Palace。”
“Oh,That Sun Gonggong is going.。”Chu Deirers should take a sound。
But Chu Deirers estimate,Sun Gonggong has only ride again.,Now the emperor and the Queen ten have eight nine nine segments——Crime?That’s waiting for the door of the door.!
And the german guess is almost the same,God Hou took the sky and returned to the sea from Zhenzheng,Waiting for a whole night outside the Palace。
Sun Gong’s reason is,The emperor was frightened,The number of times is big, I have to rest.,Let Shen Hou Ming come back sooner。
Can God stand on the door of the door,The day of the sky and the sea, a knife is a night.……
The next day, the emperor called three people.,Chu Deirers and the same work。
Shangguan Haizhen saw the end of the world and the sea,Obviously it is injured,Still strong for one night,Can’t help but have some distressed,But when she wants to express concerns,Stop being stopped by God’s eyes。
“emperor,Two reverses,Actually unknown,Insisnose, affecting the safety of your majesty,Really sinless,Please blame!”Zhao ignorant, give two volunalers, please sin.。
The emperor seems to be calm.,I have a look at the Queen.,See the latter gently shake his head,This is only silent.:“Indefic……”
When the scene suddenly became silent,Shangguan Haitang immediately worshiped,Although there is no opening,But obviously also。
“But I’ve been able to help the official,And the East Factory has a championship in the cloud.,Indeed in investigation,Two airamid is also a partner that rescues the heart.,This time, a small punishment……Raolong Villa up and down,Closed door,Take off the business,Also transferred。”The emperor is silent for a while.,This only opens。
In fact, this is already negotiated with him last night.。
The performance of this ruling mountain,Undoubtedly a very bad,But Song Ting did now still need Shen Hou Shu.,One is a shocking river、Two is also a balanced party。
Song Ting is weak now,Dynasty privately、Mongolian people,Unwitle,Even now“Pass”of,Nor lack of famous fishing、Waiting for people who can be treated in the future,Brutal,Another means of shocking,Can’t use……
Again God Hou is really a true decline??
Usually he introduced the emperor、When a knife is returned to the sea,Call,This time“Secretist”,Obviously it is also to protect!
So finally,Emperor is still gently,Just faintly weakened。
“Xiejias,Chen and two reverse children,In the future, go to the fire、Do not say!”God Hou is also very helpless,A good plan,How can I become like this??
certainly,Have a big leak,East Factory is impossible to have no injury,Also, I was also owned by the emperor.,After the peeling part of the responsibility of Lin’an,Give it to the ban。
“I am coming enough.,It’s talking about this person!Chu Deman、Upper official……Sea,This time, there are two points.!”The emperor mentioned Shangguanhai,There is still some awkward heart,Suspected that you are not normal。
“His Majesty!Chen does not dare to work。”Shangguan Haishu said quickly。
“kindness,Then there is a lot of Chu Hexia。”The emperor also jumped directly.,Even if you don’t know,Also know that the Relong Villa is“Put out”,Already there is a meaning of the penalty。
“Previously said‘Brave,Ridge spine’,This time is a real name.,Shangguanzhuang did not forget the assignment……What else can I ask??”The emperor asked directly。
“I am interested in martial arts,I heard that the ruling mountain and the penalty palace,There are also many martial arts collections,I don’t know if it is open to open??”Chu Deirers said, he also looked at Zhao ignored,However, Zhao ignored him ignored him.。
“this……I have not paid attention.,But Chu Daxia is open,Unless,Cao Gonggong,After that, he will take Chu Xia to read the banquet of the Palace.。”The emperor heard the words,I also agreed to it immediately.。